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Permanent Venue of the Bo'ao Forum for Asia 博鳌亚洲论坛永久会址景区



A rarely-known small fishing village over a decade ago has now become a grand platform for discussing Asia's development.

                                                                                                                                                                         --- LI Keqiang (2012)


Bo'ao, located in the east of Qionghai City, Hainan Province, is the permanent venue for the Bo'ao Forum for Asia.


The Wanquan River, Jiuqu River, and Longgun River converge here and then rush to the South China Sea. At the convergence site, three islands, Dongyu Island, Shapo Island, and Yuanyang Island, face each other across the water.


Bo'ao is a semi-fishing and semi-farming town with rivers, lakes, sea, mountains, and isles. It also boasts farms, rock formations, hot springs, palm trees, sandy beaches, and the sea itself. With rivers running into the sea, the beautiful natural landscape shows the benefits of careful ecological preservation work.


Bo'ao was already home to fishing residents as early as the Song Dynasty. In the early Ming Dynasty, it was called Bo'aopu Township, and at the end of the Ming Dynasty it was renamed to Bo'ao Township, a settlement for fishing residents.

In March 2002, Bo'ao Town was set up by merging four administrative villages of Jiuqujiang Township, Beishan, Bei'an, Shamei, and Peilan into Chaoyang Township and Bo'ao Town. Bo'ao is under the administrative jurisdiction of Qionghai City and the government seat is Donghai Village.


Due to the unique landscape, local culture, and healthy ecology, Bo'ao has become a world-class conference center and resort area.


Bo'ao's Jade Belt Beach is an 8.5-kilometer-long natural beach peninsula. With the boundless South China Sea on one side and the tranquil mirror-like Wanquan River on the other, it separates sea from river, and is the only beach of its type in Asia. In June 1999, the northern part of Jade Belt Beach was recognized by the International Guinness Headquarters as a Guinness Record Holder, "the narrowest beach peninsula separating the sea from a river."


With a time-honored history, a beautiful environment, a pleasant climate, a unique landform, diverse natural products, and convenient transportation, Bo'ao is a paradise on earth, right here in Hainan.