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Wenbifeng Pangu Cultural Tourism Area 海南文笔峰盘古文化旅游区


Wenbifeng Pangu Cultural Tourism Area is located at the foot of Writing Brush Peak in Ding’an County of Hainan. It has been considered a land of treasure since ancient times. In the quiet and tranquil natural environment, relics from the ancient past can still be seen today. The picturesque landscape featuring harmony between humans and nature blends the essence of cultural ideologies like Pangu culture, Taoism and historic culture.



According to the legend, Writing Brush Peak came into being from the nose bridge of Pangu. It is the first mountain created on earth after heaven was separated from the earth by Pangu. Pangu is the origin of all things in the universe as well as the world culture. The nose of Pangu is naturally the part to absorb the essence of the universe. For this, it’s taken as an auspicious place by the local people and worshipped by Hainan people generation after generation.

According to the records of Tiangongshu written by Si Maqian, Wenbifeng Pangu Cultural Tourism Area corresponds to the South Pole Star. This star is in control of the life span of humans, so it’s illustrated as Longevity Star in ancient mythologies and legends. That is also believed to be the reason there are so many talented writers and artists in Writing Brush Peak.