Betel Nut Valley 槟榔谷

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Betel Nut Valley, or Binglang Valley, is a large park dedicated to Hainan Li and Miao minority culture. Here, you can walk through a traditional Li or Miao village, try traditional Li and Miao foods, attend breathtaking shows with Li and Miao music, dances, and traditional clothing, meet elderly local women and see their traditional tattoos, watch them weave amazing brocades on their foot looms, make pottery… You can even have a traditional Li or Miao style wedding!


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In Betel Nut Valley there are exhibit halls displaying the fabulous Dragon Brocades, traditional tree bark clothing, and many other fascinating Li and Miao cultural heritage items passed down through history.


Join the fun by sampling traditionally brewed Shanlan Rice Wine, learning how to dance the Bamboo Dance, and flying through the forest on the Betel Nut Valley Zipline!


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