A Look Back at April’s Exciting Hainan Events

A Look Back at April’s Exciting Hainan Events

Dates: 2019        Location: Hainan


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Why is “Sanyuesan” celebrated in April? Those of you familiar with Chinese culture probably already guessed: “Sanyuesan” means the third day of the third lunar month, which fell on April 7th this year. On this important Hainan holiday, Li and Miao people make sacrifices to their ancestors, sing love songs, and pray for a good harvest. There are all kinds of performances and activities, like bamboo dances, tug-of-war, and many more traditional skills competitions and displays. Folk song duets are sung, and everyone dresses up in their finest traditional clothing in joyful celebration of this traditional minority holiday.


The Best Flavors

Haikou Volcano Litchi Month, A Mouthful of Sweetness

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The fresh picked litchi fruit has a bright red, thin skin, which peels easily away to reveal a tender, pale fruit. The litchi is one of Hainan’s sweetest tropical fruits, and those grown at the Haikou volcano are known as some of the best on the island. On April 13, the Second Volcano Litchi Month kicked off in Haikou, bringing a huge amount of fresh, sweet, juicy litchi onto the market. On the Haikou volcano, litchi grow in a mineral-rich soil, and get plenty of rain, making this the perfect place to grow this flavorful fruit. If you’ve never had fresh-picked litchi, now is the time, and this is the place!


The Most Thrilling

300 Sailors Compete in the 7th Sinan Cup Regatta

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The tropical monsoon arrived right on schedule, bringing with it optimal conditions for sailing. On April 18, the Seventh Sinan Cup Regatta set sail from Sanya Bay, with 300 sailors all chasing the glory of first place. The Sinan Cup Regatta is China’s only sailboat race to the Xisha Islands, as well as the nation’s furthest offshore sailing competition. Sailors must use China’s ancient compass, known as the “Sinan” to find their way south, tracing the route of the traditional Maritime Silk Road. The sailboats struggle through huge, billowing ocean waves, building excitement and rushing towards the thrilling conclusion of the race!


The Most Classical

Hainan History & Culture: The Birthday of the Founder of Daoism & Junpo Festival

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Although it’s located in the far south of China, Hainan still retains a rich Chinese culture. On April 19, close to 30,000 people gathered at Wenbifeng in Ding’an to celebrate the birthday of the founder of Daoism, CHAN Baiyu. He holds a very high position in Chinese Daoism, and according to legend, he became an immortal on the peak of Wenbifeng, and an important part of the Daoist tradition. On the day of the event, there was a Daoist cultural performance, a dragon dance, lion dance, parade of gods, knife ladder climbing performance, and many other grand displays of traditional Chinese culture, which are being passed down to future generations here in Hainan.


The Most Cutting-Edge

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After enjoying a traditional Chinese religious ceremony, we are now turning our gaze to cutting-edge art. The 2019 Haikou Midsummer Art Festival runs from April 30 - June 1. The Festival brings artists from Japan, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, and many other places to Haikou, where they express cutting edge youth culture and share their cultural traditions through light shows, street dance, audio-visual displays, musical performances, traditional calligraphy, and more forms of modern art. The theme of this year’s Festival is “Broken Cocoon”, expressing Hainan’s inclusive attitude towards culture.


In April, the fun in Hainan went on and on, and in May, things will really heat up! We are looking forward to welcoming you to Hainan this summer, and enjoying our time on this beautiful Chinese tropical South Seas island together!


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