The 2021 Hainan Li & Miao Creative Cultural Design Selection Contest is open!

The 2021 Hainan Li & Miao Creative Cultural Design Selection Contest is open!

Dates: Sept. 1 - Oct. 18., 2021        Location: Hainan

Calling all artists! The 2021 Hainan Li & Miao Creative Cultural Design Selection Contest is open for entry from now until Oct. 18!


Let’s take a quick look at some of the original cultural works of the Hainan Li and Miao people:

Li Brocade:




Some modern products incorporating Li Brocade design elements:





Miao Embroidery:





Some modern products incorporating Miao Embroidery design elements:




Submit your original designs for works incorporating Hainan Li and Miao cultural elements in the following two categories:


“Creative designs of clothing themed on the cultural elements and patterns of Hainan’s special Li brocade and Miao embroidery, and finally presented in the forms of clothing products, including (but not limited to): dresses, casual wear, swimwear, beachwear, etc.”


“Extended designs based on the patterns of Hainan’s special culture of Li brocade and Miao embroidery, advocating “a taste of fashion and design”, and finally presented in the forms of ornaments, including (but not limited to): necklaces, bracelets, earrings, hats, scarves, packaging (bags), etc.”

Entry Requirements:

“1. The design works must be original, with Hainan Li and Miao symbols or patterns as the design themes and shall be submitted according to the category options provided by the event organizing committee, i.e. whether they belong to the category of clothing or the category of ornaments.

2. Contestants can select both categories to submit the designs and upon determining the categories, the number of the submitted works shall not be less than 3 (pieces/sets).

3.  There are no restrictions on the design techniques, production techniques or the types of materials (except for harmful materials).”

How to Submit your designs:

“Contestants are required to provide the following documents:

(1) The actual works (mailed or delivered to the address designated by the organizing committee before the specified deadline.)

(2) Application form (one paper version and one electronic version, and the paper version shall be signed by the contestants themselves and mailed or delivered to the designated address together with the actual works; the electronic version shall be sent to the designated email box before the specified deadline).

(3) Description of the works (electronic version in WORD format, with no more than 200 words, including the name of product, production techniques, historical origin, cultural significance, design concept, whether the works submitted have participated in other activities and  won any awards before, etc. The description will be used as the source document for relevant publicity and promotion and shall be sent to the designated email box before the specified deadline.)

(4) Pictures of the actual works (electronic version of no less than 3 pictures, including pictures of the whole works and their partial details, to be used as the source files of the relevant publicity and promotion, in the picture format of JPG, and the resolution of the picture shall be no less than 300 dpi. The pictures shall be marked with their corresponding names and sent to the designated email box before the specified deadline).

(5) Scanned copies of patent certificates shall be submitted if the works are with patents (electronic version shall be sent to the designated email box before the specified deadline).

All the electronic materials mentioned above should be sent to the email box designated by the organizing committee ( in folder(s) (The folder name shall indicate the category + the name of work ), and indicate “contestant’s name + name of the work+ phone number” in the subject of the email.

All actual works and application forms should be mailed or delivered to the address: “24/F, Fortune Plaza, No. 103, Binhai Avenue, Longhua District, Haikou City, Hainan Province”. The finished products shall be attached with notes indicating the author’s name + the name of the work + the amount of works + the telephone number + contact address.

Contact: Ms. Han, Mr. Gao;

Tel.: 0898-66796799; +86 13876323287; +86 15595934395

Please note:

■ All documents and material provided by the contestants (including personal information) should be true and valid. The organizing committee reserves the right to disqualify the contestants who submit forged documents or information.

■ The design works submitted for the selection should be original, without interfering with others intellectual property. Any breach of such matter will be publicized by the media to the society and design works involved will be disqualified from the selection.

■ Contestants could apply both as individuals or teams.

■ The works should be designed around the theme of the selection, not only highlighting the national characteristics, but also possessing unique creative designs and certain practical applicability.

■ The name list of the contestants will be publicized by the official website of the event, the WeChat official account, etc., as well as publicized and promoted through national and provincial media.

■ The selected design works will be displayed and sold in the Culture Week Of Brocade & Embroidery World and Li & Miao Cultural Creative Design Selection and Works Tour Exhibition, also the pictures and other materials of the works would be publicized.

■ The event organizing committee will give the shortlisted contestants a certain amount of subsidy for their production costs.

■ The event organizing committee shall have all rights to exhibit, promote, perform, publicize (for non-profitable purposes) and demonstrate (for non-profitable purposes) all the shortlisted works, as well as use relevant pictures and videos in all forms, without being charged for any royalty payment, and the use period is long-term.

■ The event organizing committee shall have the priority to transform the works and sign separate agreement.

■ The ultimate right for interpretation of this selection belongs to the organizing committee of Hainan Li & Miao Creative Cultural Design Selection & Artwork Tour Exhibition 2021.

Selection Timetable:




Downloadable forms:

Hainan Li & Miao Creative Cultural Design Selection & Artwork Tour Exhibition 2021.pdf

Hainan Li & Miao Cultural Creative Design Selection 2021 Application Form.docx

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Some source material via 锦绣织贝 Wechat account

攝影:封爍、黑不拉嘰,部分圖片來源於網路, Xinhua, 人民网

By Nicki Johnson


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