3 Day Sanya Tour

3 Day Sanya Tour

Dates: 2019        Location: Hainan

Have your sights set on visiting the Chinese southern tropical island city of Sanya? You won’t be disappointed! What’s the best plan to enjoy your time here? We’ve put together a plan to help you get the most out of your 3 day visit to the beautiful city of Sanya, combining mouthwatering cuisine, nature adventures, cultural sights, and much more! 

Day 1: 

Nanshan Temple


Glance out the window as your airplane descends towards Sanya, and you’ll be sure to notice the enormous, tall white statue standing on the shore. So why wait? Make your first stop in Sanya at Nanshan Temple, located on the southwest side of the city. The people of Hainan believe that Nashan is a lucky location for Buddhist culture, and here you’ll find the world’s tallest Guanyin statue, with her three solemn faces. She stands 108 meters tall, 15 meters taller than the Statue of Liberty! The “Guanyin on the Sea” is the pride of Sanya, their very own “Treasure Island”. Flights in and out of Sanya all fly over the statue, giving all visitors to the city a chance to see the Guanyin as she looks over the South China Sea!


On your day trip to Nanshan, in addition to seeing the Guanyin on the Sea, you can also visit the world’s largest gold and jade Buddha, as well as the largest temple in south China - the Nanshan Temple. Buildings with Buddhist design elements and Tang Dynasty style architecture can be seen everywhere, making this an excellent destination for those who wish to experience China’s ancient culture. 


For lunch, you can enjoy authentic Buddhist temple cuisine, which is made with completely vegetarian ingredients. Here, you can also learn Zen meditation, and visit the park’s Buddhist gates, Valley of Longevity, Lucky Gardens, and other fascinating Buddhist themed sites and prayer locations. 

Day 2:

Yalong Bay Beach + Huochetou Million Seafood Square


Speaking of Sanya, what most people picture when they think of the city is endless sun, sand, and surf, and sure enough, there’s plenty of that! The Sanya beach that most embodies the tropical island beach ideal is the “No. 1 Bay”, Yalong Bay! 


The 7,000 meters of spotless silvery white beach, with soft, fine sand, and transparent blue waves is not only a great place to go diving on the coral reefs, but also great for swimming, jetskiing, and many more thrilling water sports. Fly over the water in a speedboat, go sunbathing on the beach… this is the tropical beach vacation you’ve been longing for!


It’s worth mentioning that the half-moon shaped Yalong Bay is completely surrounded by high end resort hotels. Staying in one of these hotels means that you can enjoy a 180° seaview right from your balcony! 


You can’t come to Hainan and not try the local seafood! After a full day of water sports and sunbathing, it’s time to head to Huochetou Million Seafood Square for a huge seafood banquet! Hundreds of varieties of seafood await you, with fresh oysters, crabs, shrimp, fish, clams, squid, and more, spread out over the whole market, where you can pick for yourself from bubbling tanks! Prices for fresh caught seafood and preparation fees are all completely standardized and affordable. Once you’ve picked out your seafood, choose a stall where they will immediately prepare it, any way you like! Then it’s time to crack open those crab shells and dig in to the fresh, thick, juicy crabmeat! Soon all the energy you spent on your long day at the beach will come rushing right back!

Day 3:

Wuzhizhou Island


On day 3, we’ll take a ferry boat east about 2.7 km. off the coast of Haitang Bay, and after a 15 minute ride we’ll arrive at a small, heart-shaped island — Wuzhizhou Island. Although this island isn’t very big, it has a beautiful coastline and plenty of exciting water sports on offer, more than enough to keep us busy all day!


Watch the sun rise over the rocky island shore, lie in the shade of a palm tree and drink a cool, refreshing coconut, and enjoy the romantic island atmosphere. You’ll never want to leave! Wuzhizhou is especially perfect for couples, and is known as the “Island of Love!” 

Wuzhizhou Island is one of only a few small islands in the waters surrounding Hainan to have fresh water and plant cover, and it supports over 2,000 species of plants and animals, making this the perfect place to bring your kids on a journey to explore the beauty and wonder of nature!


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