Twelve Hainan Villages to Discover in 2020

Twelve Hainan Villages to Discover in 2020

Dates: Feb., 2020        Location: Hainan

As the Chinese New Year begins, it’s time to make your plans for the Year of the Rat! Since there are twelve months in the year, why not make it your mission to visit one of Hainan’s amazing villages each month – there’s so much to enjoy here in Hainan, and much of the island’s beautiful scenery, history, and culture can only be found off the beaten path. Here are 12 Hainan villages you should definitely visit in 2020!

Beireng Village, Qionghai 琼海北仍村


Find out for yourself why China’s First Lady made the journey to drink coffee in this idyllic green farming village. Explore the country lanes and rustic farmhouses for a glimpse into the traditional local way of life. 

Beishan Village, Sanya 三亚北山村 


This Li Minority Village, located in the beautiful Haitang Bay area, offers idyllic country views, farm fresh eats, and relaxing activities such as hiking, swimming, and fishing.

Hongshui Village, Ledong    乐东红水村


This remote village tucked away in the mountainous regions of Ledong County is the most well preserved intact traditional Li Minority village in Hainan. Here, thatched earthen houses lie beneath swaying palms, and the original Hainan way of life lingers on.

Lizha Village, Danzhou  儋州力乍村


Like a painting come to life, Lizha Village will charm you with beautiful scenery and charming local customs. This Hakka village has ancient wells and trees, where you can lose yourself in a bygone era.

Longshouyang Rural Par龙寿洋万亩田野公园


Walk or ride through the villages and fields to really experience the country lifestyle. The different scenes of the 5 km long 'Dragon Road' yellow bike route and the 3 km 'Life Path' red bike route offer very different experiences.

Luoyi Village, Chengmai   澄迈罗驿村


Founded in 1256, during China’s historic Song Dynasty period, Luoyi Village is constructed almost entirely of locally sourced volcanic stone, forming picturesque stone lanes and cottages. The residents lead long, long lives, and the village has been twice honored as a “Longevity Village”.

Nanqiang Village, Bo'ao    博鳌南强村


Beautiful Nanqiang Village, located in the area of Bo'ao, Hainan, has been carefully restored and is now welcoming tourists to enjoy the countryside life on the banks of the Wanquan River. The traditional village buildings, the ancestral home of many overseas Chinese, have been preserved in their traditional style, and some interesting locations have been opened to the public, including an Art Bar and Art Square, as well as the Nanqiang Bar and Nanqiang Hall.

Sanqing Village, Haikou    海口三卿村


This volcanic stone village dates back to the Song Dynasty. Located near Haikou Volcano Park, the village retains the original charm of century old Hainan village traditions. 

Wenmen Village, Sanya 三亚文门村


Wenmen Village was named one of Hainan’s 2017 Beautiful Traditional Villages, and features traditional farmhouses, hearty country food, and a Li & Miao Cultural Exhibition Hall, where you can learn about the culture of these local Hainan minority peoples. For an in-depth look at the life of the village, try a home stay!

Yanding Village, Danzhou 儋州盐丁村


Yanding Village, located in Danzhou, on Hainan’s rugged west coast, is an ancient volcanic stone seaside village with over a thousand years of history. Here, villagers have made salt for a millennia using saltwater scooped onto flat topped volcanic stones along the seashore, where the bright tropical Hainan sunlight quickly evaporates the water, leaving a pure white crust of natural sea salt.

Zahan Village, Qiongzhong  琼中什寒村


Nestled between Limu Mountain and the peaks of Yinggeling, Zahan Village is tucked in amongst the clouds and waterfalls in a high mountain valley. This is a traditional Miao village, where visitors can enjoy the slow pace of country life.

Zhongliao Village, Sanya 三亚中廖村


Zhongliao Village is a Li Minority Village located north of Sanya. The charming small town is becoming a popular destination. Here you can try the local specialties, such as seafood, free range chicken, and duck. Bike paths wind through village lanes, betel nut forests, along riverfronts, and past traditional farmhouses. In the large village fields, hundreds of colorful flowers bloom against the dramatic backdrop of green mountainsides and endless blue skies.


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