Haikou Day Trip Guide: Hang out at Haikou Bay

Haikou Day Trip Guide: Hang out at Haikou Bay

Dates: 2021        Location: Haikou

Have a day trip to Haikou in mind for the upcoming holiday but aren’t quite sure how to best spend your time in Hainan’s capital city? Head over to Haikou Bay, where you’ll have plenty of interesting things to do and sights to see!

Haikou Bay attractions include  Evergreen Park, the Wormhole Library, Century Park, the Haikou Bund, the Clock Tower, the Historic Qilou Street, and lots more places to eat, learn about Haikou's history, shop for souvenirs, and get a feel for the city.


The Clock Tower 钟楼 and Historic Qilou Street 骑楼老街

Start your day with a trip into the past at Haikou’s Clock Tower and Historic Qilou Street. Once the tallest structure in the city, the Clock Tower, lovingly reconstructed in 1987, continues to toll in an hourly reminder that time may pass, but the city remains.


On the Historic Qilou Street, architecture lovers and history buffs alike will relish the chance to see and even enter the many painstakingly restored Qilou buildings, now housing quiet cafes, souvenir shops, and museums showcasing the city’s history and culture. One hundred years ago, this street rang with the cheerful cries of sellers and buyers as they bargained for goods shipped from across the South China Sea region.  Nowadays, on holidays, cultural performances and light shows are often held here, so be ready for a happy surprise!

Evergreen Park 万绿园 + Century Park 世纪公园 


Want to take a nature break? Head on over to Evergreen Park or Century Park, or visit them both! They are connected via an access corridor, and both offer plenty of green space, places to kick a ball or fly a kite, and sometimes also have special activities such as a hot air balloon festival, concerts, or events for the whole family to enjoy. 

Haikou Wormhole Library 云洞图书馆 


'I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.' - Jorge Luis Borges

Haikou’s striking freeform Wormhole Library certainly looks like paradise, with its graceful, swooping curves and rows upon rows of books. This new Haikou landmark has quickly become a favorite with book-lovers and photographers alike, and it’s the perfect place to relax with a cup of coffee, browse the books, and snap a few photos. It’s difficult to take a bad looking photo here, so snap away!

Haikou Bund 外滩

Hungry yet? Head on over to Haikou’s Bund area for dinner, where you’ll have plenty of dining options, all with indoor or outdoor seating, where you’ll get spectacular views of iconic Century Bridge, which spans the mouth of the bay and connects downtown Haikou to Haidian Island. After dinner, take a walk, jog, or bicycle ride along the path that lines the bay and enjoy the cool breezes coming in off the water. Or head on up the path to Century Park’s Music Square, where street performers come to jam nightly.


By: Nicki Johnson

Source: Hainan Daily



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