3 Hainan Islands Make China's “National Eco Island” Shortlist

3 Hainan Islands Make China's “National Eco Island” Shortlist

Dates: 2023        Location: Hainan

On May 23, China's Ministry of Natural Resources announced its “National Eco Island” shortlist. A total of 33 islands made it onto the shortlist, including Boundary (Fenjiezhou) Island, Zhaoshu Island and Dongyu Island, all of which are located in Hainan, China’s southernmost province.


The "National Eco Island" selection process, which occurs every five years, is aimed at encouraging and guiding China's islands to strengthen their environmental protection efforts, improve the living conditions of their local populations, bolster their use of local resources, and promote green, low-carbon development.

How do the three islands in Hainan province that made the shortlist measure up? Let’s find out.

1.  Boundary Island (Fenjiezhou Island)

Location: Lingshui Li Autonomous County, Hainan


With its azure, crystalline waters, coral reefs and schools of tropical fish, Hainan’s Boundary Island is the perfect spot for scuba diving. Marvel at the wonders of the ocean depths and explore the mysteries of a shipwreck and the fascinating ecosystem that marine life has built around it.


2.  Zhaoshu Island

Location: Sansha City, Hainan


Zhaoshu Island residents fish in the island’s coastal waters. (Photo: Hou Jiansen)

Zhaoshu Island is part of an island chain belonging to the Xuande island group in the Xisha Archipelago. The island, which is an almost perfect circle, is lined with pristine white beaches.


(Photo by Liu Chan / Xinhua)


Streetlights along Zhaoshu Island’s coastal road illuminate the outline of the island. (Photo by Zhao Yingquan / Xinhua)

3.  Dongyu Island

Location: Bo’ao Town, Qionghai City, Hainan


Bo’ao Dongyu Island Tourist Resort


Dusk at Yudai Beach in Bo’ao, where the waters of the Wanquan River flow into the vast expanse of the South China Sea.

In addition to being a great place to vacation, Dongyu Island is where the permanent venue of the BFA (Boao Forum for Aisa) is located.


Source: Hainan International Media Center Presents 转自“海南国际传播中心”微信公众号

Images sourced from “海南发布”, “中国三沙”, “分界洲岛旅游区” and “博鳌东屿岛旅游度假区” WeChat official accounts, and Hainan Daily


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