Two Day Tours

未标题-1.png Route 1: Haikou – Sanya Two Day Tour



blob.png Day 1: Haikou – Yetian Ancient Village, Lingshui – Sanya Yalong Bay

Route Guide: Head down the East coast of Hainan to immerse yourself in the ancient Li and Miao minority culture at Yetian Ancient Village, where you will eat traditional minority food, see song and dance shows, and marvel at the beautiful traditional clothing worn by the inhabitants. Then continue down the coast to beautiful Yalong Bay, where you will be pampered on one of China’s best beaches. 

blob.png Details:

Yetian Ancient Village  椰田古寨

Immerse yourself in traditional Miao minority culture in Yetian Ancient Village, where you will participate in the age old way of life of these Hainan villagers. See unique cultural treasures and meet village elders who are the last living relics of a time gone by!

Address: East Expressway Yingzhou Exit, Lingshui County   陵水县东线高速英州出口处

Phone: +86 898 83470995

Hours: 7:30—17:00

Tickets: 25 RMB/person


Rating: AAA

Yalong Bay  亚龙湾

Yalong Bay is a 7 km. long sandy crescent shaped beach, dotted with 5 star hotels. Diving, swimming, boating, and other water sports are popular here, or just spend the day relaxing on a beach chair sipping on a coconut. Nice!

Address: Yalong Bay National Resort Area, Tiandu Town, Sanya   三亚市田独镇亚龙湾国家度假区

Phone: +86 898 88568899

Hours: 24 hours/day

blob.png Day 2: Sanya – Haikou

Sanya Nanshan Temple – Ding’an Wenbifeng Daoist Park - Haikou

Route Guide:After breakfast, take a trip to Sanya’s Nanshan Temple, where you will see the world’s first 108 meter tall Guanyin Statue. Wander through the peaceful gardens, and receive a blessing from the Buddhist monks. You won’t want to miss the spectacular vegetarian lunch inside the park! After lunch, head up to Ding’an Wenbifeng Daoist Park, for an altogether different temple experience. Here in Ding’an enjoy the spectacular mountain views from temples perched on cliff’s edge. Finish your day back in Hainan’s capital city of Haikou.


blob.png Details:

Nanshan Buddhist Temple Park  南山文化旅游区

Nanshan Buddhist Temple Park is a huge Buddhist theme park, with extensive beautiful gardens, many temples in different Buddhist styles, and several excellent vegetarian restaurants. The main attraction here is the 108 meter tall three faced Guanyin on the Sea statue, with magnificent views of the South China Sea.

Address: Nanshan Cultural Tourism Area, Yacheng Town, Sanya    三亚市崖城镇南山文化旅游区

Phone: +86 898 88837888

Hours: 8:00-17:30

Transportation: Getting to Nanshan Temple from downtown Sanya by taxi will take around 40 minutes, and should cost 60-80 RMB.

Tickets: 145 RMB/person

Wenbifeng Taoist Temple Park  文笔峰盘古文化旅游区

The Wenbifeng Taoist Temple lies in the foothills of the Wenbifeng, or Writing Brush Mountains, and the natural scenery here is truly breathtaking. Wander through the clifftop temples and courtyards, enjoying the quiet, the view, and the serene Taoist architecture.

Address: Wenbifeng Cultural Tourism Area, Ding’an County  定安县文笔峰山麓

Phone: +86 898 66288075

Hours: 8:00-18:00

Tickets: 81 RMB/person


Rating: AAAA


未标题-1.png Route 2: Wedding Photography Two Day Tour



blob.png Day 1: Sanya – Yalong Bay Rose Garden – Nanshan Temple Park

Route Guide: Wake up early and get some sunrise photos in at magical Yalong Bay Rose Garden, where you can also ride in a horse drawn carriage and find fields of blooming flowers in every hue. Spend the afternoon at Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park, with spectacular views of the ocean, long swaying rope bridges between mountain peaks, and a shimmering white wedding chapel.

blob.png Details:

Yalong Bay Rose Garden  亚龙湾国际玫瑰谷

Romantic Yalong Bay Rose Garden is the perfect place for wedding photos! The grounds are covered with roses of every variety, growing in a riot of colors and wafting sweet floral scents. This love themed park will put you both in the right mood!

Address: #9 North Bohou Rd., Jiyang Town, Sanya   三亚市吉阳镇博后北路9号

Phone: +86 898 88662988

Transportation: Take Sanya Bus 27 to the Rose Garden entrance.

Approximately 45 minutes from downtown Sanya by taxi

Hours: 07:30-17:30

Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park  亚龙湾热带天堂森林公园

Enjoy sweeping views of scenic Yalong Bay, swaying rope bridges, picturesque sculptures, and a white wedding chapel here, right in the middle of a lush tropical rainforest.

Tickets: 175 RMB/ person

Hours: 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM

Phone number: +86 898 38238888

Address: Yalong Bay National Resort Area, Sanya


Transportation: Take Sanya bus number 15, 25, or  27 to the Yalong Bay Gas Station.

Taxi: Airport - Yalong Bay (45km): RMB 80-100 Downtown Sanya - Yalong Bay (25km): RMB 30-50 Dadonghai - Yalong Bay  (25km):  RMB 30-40


blob.png Day 2: Sanya – Haikou

Yalong Bay – Wuzhizhou Island – Movie Town, Haikou


Route Guide:Start your day with a photo session on the spotless white beaches of Yalong Bay, and then head for Wuzhizhou Island, where the rocky shores and romantic backdrops will inspire you both to new heights of love. Or depths, as you take unique underwater wedding photos! Finish the day at Haikou’s Movie Town, wearing period costumes as you explore the historic Chinese replica streets.

Yalong Bay   亚龙湾

Yalong Bay is a 7 km. long sandy crescent shaped beach, dotted with 5 star hotels. Diving, swimming, boating, and other water sports are popular here, or just spend the day relaxing on a beach chair sipping on a coconut. Nice! 

Address: Yalong Bay National Resort Area, Tiandu Town, Sanya   三亚市田独镇亚龙湾国家度假区

Phone: +86 898 88568899

Hours: 24 hours a day

Wuzhizhou Island  蜈支洲岛

Wuzhizhou Island is THE place to go for water sports and fun in Sanya. A magical world of underwater mystery lies beneath crystal clear blue waters, perfect for divers of all levels, from total beginner to pro. Banana boats, motorskis, parasailing, swimming, and plenty more exciting activities await you on Wuzhizhou!

Address: Wuzhizhou Island, Haitang Bay, Sanya   三亚市海棠湾镇蜈支洲岛

Phone: +86 898 88811777, +86 898 88853666

Transportation: Take Bus 28 from Phoenix Island to Wuzhizhou Island, or Haitang Bus 1 from the Nantian Hot Springs to Wuzhizhou Island.

Taxi fare from downtown Sanya to Wuzhizhou Island should be around 100-120 RMB, and 80-200 RMB from Yalong Bay.

Wuzhizhou Island Ferry   蜈支洲岛码头轮渡

The ferry runs daily between the hours of 8:00-17:00, arriving at the island between 08:30-17:30. The last ferry to the island leaves at 4 PM daily, and the last ferry off the island leaves at 17:30. During busy times, the wait to board the ferry could be up to one hour, so please arrive early.

Return Ticket Price: 110 RMB/person

Movie Town  观澜湖华谊冯小刚电影公社

Mission Hill’s Movie Town, is a great place to find all kinds of great food as well as whole streets from different Chinese historical periods, regular cultural shows, and opportunities to dress up in period costumes for some fabulous photos.

Address: Movie Town, Mission Hills Complex, Haikou, Hainan   海南省海口市观澜湖海口国际高尔夫度假区

Phone: +86 898 36688000

Tickets: RMB 138 yuan / person


Transportation: Take the free Mission Hills Shuttle bus from Guomao RT Mart to Movie Town.

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