Fun Filled Beach Tour

未标题-1.png  Fun Filled Beach Tour 


blob.png Day 1:Sanya: Wuzhizhou Island → Dadonghai → Sanya Bay

1. Wuzhizhou Island 蜈支洲岛

Details: This island is a water fun paradise for kids of all ages. Go swimming or diving in the crystal clear waters, or try one of the other fun water sports, like parasailing or diving!

Admission Fee: 168 RMB/ person (includes round trip ferry tickets)

Phone: +86 400 114 6666


2. Dadonghai Beach 大东海

Details: Dadonghai Beach, located in the heart of Sanya, has clean white sands and beautiful water, as well as plenty of shopping, restaurant options, and entertainment.

Hours: All Day

Address: Dadonghai Beach, Sanya  三亚大东海

Recommended Stay: 3 - 4 hours

3. A Night Tour to Sanya Bay 三亚湾

Details: Take an evening boat cruise through the Sanya Bay area, where you will be treated to spectacular views of the glittering shoreline, brightly lit Phoenix Island, and the moon shining on the rippling waves.

Hours: All day
Recommended length of stay: 3 - 4 hours

Address: Sanya Bay, Sanya   三亚湾


blob.png Day 2: Sanya: Nanshan Temple → Dongtian Daxiao Cave Park Orchid World

1. Nanshan Temple  南山佛教文化苑

Details: This Buddhist Temple complex is home to the world’s tallest Guanyin Statue, towering 108 meters over the sea. Here you will tour Buddhist temples of all varieties, and have the opportunity to eat at one of the park’s several vegetarian restaurants.

Address: Nanshan Cultural Tourism Area, Yacheng Town, Sanya    三亚市崖城镇南山文化旅游区

Phone: +86 898 88837888

Hours: 8:00-17:30

Transportation: Getting to Nanshan Temple from downtown Sanya by taxi will take around 40 minutes, and should cost 60-80 RMB.

Tickets: 145 RMB/person

Hours: 8:30 - 17:00
Recommended length of stay: 1 - 2 hours

2. Daxiao Dongtian Cave Park  三亚大小洞天

Details: Daxiao Dongtian is a large mountain park, with plenty of hiking trails through the forest or along the rocky beach. Explore the cave, visit the Daoist temples and monuments, and wander through the Fossil Museum, where you will see fossilized dinosaur bones and eggs.


Tickets: 135/person

Hours: 7AM – 6 PM

Phone: +86 898 88830188

Address: Daxiao Dongtian Cave Park, Yacheng Town, Sanya  三亚市崖城镇大小洞天景区

3. Orchid World  兰花世界

Details: Sanya’s Orchid World is the world’s largest tropical orchid theme park. Walk along paths lined with rare orchids, and see the waterfall. Visit the orchid museum and go to the 5D movie theater!

Hours: 8:00 - 17:00
Recommended length of stay: 2 - 3 hours


Phone: +86 898 38888688  

Tickets: 140 RMB/ Person

Address: Orchid World, Hongtang Bay, Tianya Town, Sanya  三亚市天涯区西线高速公路南山出口处


blob.png Day 3: Baoting: Betel Nut Valley→ Yanoda Tropical Rainforest Park

1. Betel Nut Valley  槟榔谷

Details: Nestled in the Ganzaling Nature Reserve to the west of Haitang Bay, Betel Nut Valley is an Li and Miao minority cultural heritage park in an untouched tropical forest reserve, where you can stroll through traditional Li and Miao villages, see village elders passing on their skills and knowledge to the next generation, and enjoy exciting live shows.

Recommended length of stay: 3 - 4 hours

Address: Ganzaling Natural Reserve, Baoting Li and Miao Autonomous County, Hainan Province   海南省保亭黎族自治县甘什岭自然保护区

Hours: 8:00 to 17:00 Daily

Six musical dance performances daily at 9:50, 10:50, 11:50, 14:00, 15:20, and 16:30

Rating: AAAAA

Entrance Tickets: 120 RMB / person

Zipline: 35 RMB/person

Website: http://

Tel: +86 898 38660189

2. Yanoda Tropical Rainforest Park  呀诺达雨林文化区

Details: Yanoda Tropical Rainforest Park is the perfect place for nature lovers. Walk on winding trails through the jungle, or fly over it on the longest zip line in Hainan! Hike up the waterfall, or play paintball with a few of your friends and family.

Hours: 7:30 - 18:00

Recommended length of stay: 3 - 4 hours


Tickets: 165 RMB / person

(Other activities may require additional fees) 

Address: Baoting Li and Miao Autonomous County, Hainan, China    保亭县,呀诺达雨林文化区

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