Hainan Road Trip Suggested Itinerary

Hainan Road Trip Suggested Itinerary


East Route: Haikou – 89 km. – Tonggu Ridge – 129 km. – Bo’ao – 72 km. – Wanquan River Rafting – 130 km. – Xinglong – 26 km. – Boundary Island – 34 km. –Nanwan Monkey Island – 68 km. - Sanya

1. Tonggu Ridge  铜鼓岭

Tonggu Ridge, located in Longlou Town, is just 40 km. from Wenchang City. In the Tonggu Ridge Nature Reserve, you can visit Qishui Bay, Moon Bay, Stone Park, Baoling River, Yunlong Bay, and Dao’ao Bay. Tonggu Ridge itself faces inland on the West, and the South China Sea on the East. The ridge stretches over 20 km., and is the most eastern corner of Hainan Province. The scenic rocky mountain and sweeping ocean views in this area are spectacular, and have inspired many local legends. The main peak of Tonggu Ridge rises to a height of 338 meters above sea level, and the ridge is covered with luxuriant vegetation, striking rock formations, temples, caves, and many other intriguing sights.

Hours: 24 hours/ day 

2. Bo’ao  博鳌

Bo’ao is a charming fishing town located to the East of Qionghai City, at the mouth of the Wanquan River. This quiet town is known for quaint coffee shops decorated with locally sourced driftwood, and comes to roaring life every year during the Bo’ao Forum for Asia.


Bo’ao borders Wanning on the South, Tanmen fishing village on the North, and the South China Sea on the East. The town is located 105 km. from Haikou, 180 km. from Sanya, and 17 km. from Qionghai’s Jiaji Town.

3. Wanquan River Rafting  万泉河上游漂流

The Wanquan river is 163 km. long, and is Hainan’s third largest river. The Wanquan is known as Hainan’s mother river, and has been celebrated in song and verse.


The Wanquan flows from headwaters in the Wuzhi and Limu mountains, and rushes through rocky gorges and thrilling rapids down to Bo’ao, where it enters the South China Sea.

4. Boundary Island  分界洲

Boundary Island is a beautiful small island offering many exciting sports and activities including scuba diving, yachting, sailing, swimming, hiking, volleyball, parasailing, a sightseeing submarine, and much, much more.

Hours: 08:30-17:30

Tickets: 165 RMB

Recommended length of stay: 4-5 hours

Address: Boundary Island, Lingshui, Hainan  陵水,分界洲岛

Website: http://www.hnfjz.com/

Phone: +86 898 31817777, 31817733 

5. Monkey Island  南湾猴岛

Nanwan Monkey Island is located in Lingshui County of Hainan Province. It is the only island reserve for monkeys in China. More than one thousand monkeys live on the island, which is covered in lush vegetation, with many tropical fruit trees providing plenty of food for the monkeys all year long. Many of the monkeys have been spoiled by tourists giving them food over the years, which is bad for their health and teaches them bad habits. Please don't feed the monkeys, as they have plenty of food of their own. In fact, it's recommended that you don't bring any snacks or other food items to the island, as the monkeys will expect you to give it to them. On the island, you can watch some animal shows as well as see many wild monkeys living in the jungle. The cable car provides a beautiful aerial view of the whole island.


Nanwan Monkey Island is ranked as a 4A tourist attraction.

Ticket Price: 163 yuan/person

Phone: +86 898 83361465

Website: http://www.monkeyisland.com.cn/
Hours: 08:00 - 17:00

Transportation: Drive from Lingshui  陵水 to Xincun  新村镇 , and park at the cable car entrance.


Central Route: Sanya – 77 km. – Seven Fairy Mountain – 70 km. – Wuzhishan Shuiman Tourism Area – 13 km. – Wuzhishan White Water Rafting – 52 km. – Wuzhishan City – 83 km. - Sanya

1. Seven Fairy Mountain  七仙岭

Qixianling, called Seven Fairy Mountain in English, is located in Baoting. The seven steep peaks give the mountain its' name. This beautiful natural area is wonderful for hiking and rock climbing!  Hiking up the main trail at Seven Fairy Mountain will take several hours, and most of the hike is of medium difficulty. The last 200 meters, just before the summit, is more strenuous, involving a scramble up a sheer rock face with the aid of chains embedded into the rock. The tallest peak is 1107 meters above sea level. As one of the most significant ecological and scenic spots in the northeast part of Baoting, the mountain rainforest is home to 5,000 species of plants and 500 species of wild animals. This area is known for excellent natural hot springs, and there are lots of places nearby to go for a long soak after climbing the mountain! The average temperature in this area is just 23 degrees Celcius, much cooler than other parts of the island! Baoting is the hometown of many local Li and Miao minority people, and is an excellent place to see and experience their unique culture firsthand.

Hours: 07:30 - 17:30

Ticket Price: 48 yuan/person

Phone: +86 898 31833888

Address: Qixianling, Baoting  保亭七仙岭

2. Wushishan Shuiman Tourism Area  五指山水满旅游区

The Wushishan Shuiman Tourism Area is located at the foot of Wuzhi Mountain in Shuiman Village. The natural scenery and local minority villages here are definitely worth a visit.


Located 28 km. from Wuzhishan City, 110 km. from Sanya, and around 100 km. from the exit of the East Highway

3. Wuzhishan Red Canyon Cultural Tourism Area 五指山红峡谷文化旅游风景区  

Go white-water rafting through the tropical rainforest, past mountain peaks and traditional Li and Miao villages. Here visitors can also go hiking and enjoy the natural hot springs.

Address: Nansheng Town, Wuzhishan City, Hainan Province  海南省五指山市南圣镇

Phone: +86 898 86666688

Hours: 9:00 – 16:00 Sat - Sun


West Route: Sanya – 111 km. – Jianfeng Peak – 64 km. – Datian Nature Reserve – 89 km. - Stone Flower Water Cave – 22 km. – Hainan Tropical Botanical Gardens – 23 km. Lanyang Hot Springs – 70 km. – Ancient Salt Flats – 27 km. – Dongpo Academy – 120 km. - Haikou

1. Jianfengling Rainforest Park  尖峰岭

This vast rainforest preserve is crisscrossed by clear mountain streams tumbling over boulders that are just perfect for scrambling over. The trails in the park are for the most part natural paths, unlike the cement paths and thousands of artificial steps that hikers in many other Chinese parks must endure. Visit Heaven Lake, hike up to the magnificent waterfalls, catch a glimpse of rare endangered forest life, climb the mountain peaks, or just spend some time relishing a chance to get away from the crowds and into a truly wild natural environment.

Entrance to the park costs 40 RMB/person.

Hours: 24 hours/day

2. Datian Nature Reserve  大田自然保护区

In the Datian Nature Reserve, you will see the rare and diminutive Eld’s Deer, as well as many other species of endangered deer and other wildlife.

The Nature Reserve is located 12 km. from downtown Dongfang City,

3. Stone Flower Water Cave  英岛石化水洞

In Danzhou's Stone Flower Water Cave Geological Park, you will take a magical boat ride under the earth, into glittering caves full of wonders. Sparkling sheets of crystals, mysterious underground grottoes, and even golden statues await you inside the Water Cave.

Tel: +86 898 23760306, 68593732

Rating: AAA

Ticket Price: 60 yuan/person

Address: Bayi Zongchang, Danzhou City, Hainan  海南省儋州市国营八一总场

Hours: 08:00 - 17:30 (Weekdays)/ 08:00 - 17:00 (Weekends)

4. Xinglong Tropical Botanical Gardens   兴隆热带植物园  

Have you ever picked a fresh coffee bean? Did you know that chocolate grows on trees? Is it your dream to walk through a field fragrant with the scent of ripe vanilla beans?  In the Xinglong Tropical Botanical Gardens, you will see all kinds of exotic tropical fruit, flowers, and spices growing together in a profusion of bright colors and sweet aromas. There are in fact a total of 2,300 species of plants cultivated here in the five garden areas. The Xinglong Botanical Gardens is a AAAA ranked tourist attraction.  

Address: Dongao Town, Wanning  万宁东澳镇

Phone: +86 898 62554410, 62555900   

Website: http://zwy.xlrdzwy.com/

Hours: 07:30 - 18:00

5. Lanyang Hot Springs 蓝洋温泉

The Lanyang Hot Springs area is one of the largest in Hainan, and features over 10 natural hot springs. Soaking in the mineral rich, steaming waters is not only relaxing, but also healthy, and is a recommended treatment for arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, and many other ailments.

Address: Lanyang Town Ravine, Danzhou  儋州市兰洋镇峡谷处 

Phone: +86 898 23355988

Hours: 12:00 – 23:00

6. Ancient Salt Flats  千年古盐田

The Yangpu Ancient Salt Flats, located close to Haikou, have been continuously in use for salt production since around 800 AD.  More than 1,000 rocks have been cut flat on the top, leaving a rim around the edge to hold seawater, which covers the rocks in high tide, or is painstakingly carried by villagers in buckets from the sea. Slowly, the sun evaporates the water, leaving pure sea salt on the rocks, which is then put into baskets, and later can be sold. This unique landscape offers a unique opportunity to travel back in time, and get a tiny glimpse of what life was like here long, long ago. Salt baked chicken and quail eggs, bags of sea salt, fresh fruit, and refrigerated drinks are all for sale in the Salt Flat parking area. The area has several small restaurants offering local specialties, such as salt baked chicken, which is something you should definitely eat while you are in Hainan!


No tickets are required for entry.


Address: Yantian Village, Yangpu Economic Development Zone  海南洋浦半岛盐田村的千年古盐田

7. Dongpo Academy  东坡书院

Dongpo Academy was originally built in 1098 during the Northern Song Dynasty in memorial of Su Dongpo, a well-known poet also known as Su Shi. It is now a popular local tourist attraction. Dongpo Academy was once the highest seat of learning, and cultivation in Hainan. The academy faces south, with a beautiful traditional door. Above the door is an inscription reading “Dongpo Academy” (东坡书院) written by Zhang Ji, of the Qing Dynasty. In the courtyard of the academy, there is a pond with a bridge leading to the Zaijiu Pavilion. The Zaijiu Pavilion is covered with green tiles. On the roof of the pavilion, there are paintings about the life of Su Dongpo. On both sides of the pavilion the lotus pond harbors goldfish. Deep in the courtyard is the Zaijiu Hall (载酒堂). It is the place where Su Dongpo once taught and met friends. The hall has 13 tablets with inscriptions written by celebrities. On the rear wall of the hall, there are two marble stone inscriptions. One was inscribed by Song Lian, a poet of the Ming Dynasty, and the other is a picture of Su Dongpo, painted by Tang Yin, a famous painter. The last part of the academy is the Great Hall. In the center of the hall, there is a group of statues of Su Dongpo and his son. In addition, there are exhibits of paintings and poems by Su Dongpo.

Address: Dongpo Academy, Zhonghe Town, Danzhou City  儋州古城中和镇
Admission fee: CNY 15
Hours: 8:00 - 18:00

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