East Line High Speed Rail Tour

East Line High Speed Rail Tour


Ride the East Line High Speed Rail from Haikou to Sanya, and on the way you’ll have the opportunity to visit many great destinations, including Wenchang, Qionghai, and Wanning. The East Coast of Hainan is where you’ll find the action – these coastal cities are full of fun, culture, great hotels, restaurants, and interesting activities, just waiting for you to discover! No need to bother with long hours on a dusty bus, just jump on the high speed train and get where you are going quickly and conveniently.

There’s plenty to do up and down the East Coast of Hainan: visit a traditional working fishing village in Tanmen, Qionghai; go surfing in Hainan’s best waves at Riyue Bay, Wanning; see shoals of colorful tropical fish as you dive off of Boundary Island, and finally head out to Betel Nut Valley in Sanya and get a glimpse into the traditional life of the Li and Miao minority people. You’ll have more than enough great local Hainan cuisine to try on your way – Hainan rice noodles, fresh caught seafood, juicy tropical fruit, and of course there’s also the local Hainan coffee…

East Line High Speed Rail Route:

Haikou East – Meilan Airport – Wenchang – Qionghai – Bo’ao – Hele – Wanning – Shenzhou – Lingshui – Yalong Bay – Sanya. At Sanya and Haikou stations, passengers can switch between the East and West Lines.


Haikou East Station【海口东站】

Sightseeing: Laid back capital city, shopping and local life

Recommended destinations: Historic Qilou Street, Evergreen Park, Holiday Beach, Volcano Park, Movie Town, Mission Hills Hot Springs


Wenchang Station【文昌站】

Sightseeing: Coconut paradise

Recommended destinations: Dongjiao Palm Forest, Moon Bay, Space Center


Qionghai: Qionghai Station, Bo’ao Station  琼海【琼海站、博鳌站】

Sightseeing: Fishing villages

Recommended destinations: Jade Belt Beach, Baishi Ridge, Bo’ao Forum for Asia, Tanmen Port

Local Cuisine:Tanmen Port seafood, snacks


Wanning Station 【万宁站】

Sightseeing: Surfing, Overseas Chinese Hometown

Recommended destinations: Shimei Bay, Xinglong Tropical Botanical Gardens, Riyue Bay, Dongshan Peak

Local Cuisine: Dongshan goat, Hele crab, shrimp, Hou’an rice noodles

Lingshui Station 【陵水站】

Sightseeing: Nature paradise

Recommended destinations: Boundary Island, Perfume Bay, Diaoluo Mountain Rainforest Preserve

Local Cuisine: Fishing raft restaurants

亚龙湾 瑞吉红树林探秘之旅03_副本.jpg

Sanya: Yalong Bay Station, Sanya Station  三亚【亚龙湾站、三亚站】

Sightseeing: Luxury R&R, Beach Town

Recommended Destinations: Wuzhizhou Island, Yalong Bay, West Island, Daxiao Dongtian Cave Park Cave Park

Local Cuisine: Seafood, Southeast Asian cuisine

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