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Hiking conditions in Hainan: Hainan is best known for beaches, but I want to let you in on a secret. The jungle filled mountainous central region of this tropical island is a true hiking paradise! Hiking is the perfect way to see places and meet people you’d never get a chance to otherwise. There are so many different landscapes to hike through – each with unique scenery: cities, villages, beaches, cliffs, rainforests, riverbanks, mountains, bridges…. The choices are endless! Collect seashells on Hainan’s over 1,000 km. long coastline, and share a fresh caught fish dinner with a local fisherman’s family. Wander down a winding village path, shaded by hundred year old trees, and breathe in the tranquility of the countryside. Challenge yourself to reach the peak of Seven Fairy Mountain, where you’ll have to scramble up sheer rock faces with only a chain draped over the edge of the cliff to pull yourself up with! There are hundreds of completely different hikes to take in Hainan, and hundreds of adventures await beyond every bend in the trail.

East and West Coast Hikes

Backpacking is becoming more and more popular in Hainan, and hikers can often be seen in Haikou’s popular Haidian Island, or on the hiking trails stretching from West Beach to Holiday Beach. On the rugged and wild West coast of Hainan, hikers will enjoy the sights of cliffs and rocks shaped by the tides. Other popular beach and coastal hiking destinations include: Haitang Bay, Sanya; Baoping Ancient Village, Yacheng, Sanya; Dongluo Island, Yazhou Bay; Bingma Cape, Yangpu; and Dahua Cape, Wanning.

Central Hainan Hikes

Here you will find challenging mountain hiking adventures, where you can challenge yourself to reach new heights, and really level up your hiking abilities. These mountainous regions are almost completely covered by virgin tropical rainforests, along with some small mountain villages inhabited mainly by the Li and Miao minority peoples, where you can eat local minority dishes, stay in family style inns, and get to know a different side of Hainan.

Recommended Hikes:

Route 1: Haikou Volcano Park  

Haikou Volcano Park (雷琼世界地质公园) a national park located approximately 15 km west of HaikouHainan, China. It is named for a crater, one of many extinct volcanoes on the island. The eruption of the ancient Qiongbei Volcano left many intact volcano craters here. According to geologists, the last eruption happened about 13,000 years ago. Now, 36 volcano craters can be seen here, the highest being Saddle Hill, which is about 222.8 meters high.  




Today, the park has a volcano cultural garden, ecological garden, green corridor, and the crater garden. The pleasant hike up the extinct volcano crater is not taxing, and only takes about half an hour or so.The area is filled with greenery and lakes and there are lots of other paths to explore, and even some volcanic caves. The Volcano Park has a restaurant, gift shop, and geological museum, which make this a great family friendly hike.

Tickets: 68 RMB/person

Route 2: Haidian Island Coastal Hiking Path

Starting at Baishamen Beach (directly behind Baishamen Park) you will have easy access to the coastal hiking path that circles this small island. There is no fee to use this path, and it’s also great for runners or bikers, as it’s flat and obstruction free for the entire length, and enjoys cooling ocean breezes.


Route 3: Haikou Mangrove Forest

On the outskirts of Haikou there is a large mangrove forest (东寨港红树林自然保护区) filled with migrating birds and other native Hainan wildlife. The mangrove forest is crisscrossed by newly built boardwalks, which provide a great way to hike through the wetland area. If you get tired of walking, there are boat tours, rest pavilions, and restaurants here as well.


Walking along the boardwalk costs 22 RMB/ person, and boat tours cost 60 RMB/ person.

Route 4: Bamen Greenways

The Bamen Greenways, a network of biking and hiking trails, pass through four towns, namely Wencheng, Dongge, Wenjiao and Dongjiao. The greenways encompass a total of 45 km of paths, and another 9 km of side routes. The trails pass over mangrove forests on boardwalks, through small local villages, coconut groves, and along riverbanks. There are many convenient tourist stations set up along the paths to provide information, snacks, shelter, rest areas, and more.


Route 5: Mission Hills Haikou Eco-Trail

Mission Hills Haikou is a massive golf resort, with 10 golf courses, a luxurious clubhouse, hotel, spa, hot springs, and more. The complex was built on volcanic rock, which has been used throughout the resort in construction and decoration. While hiking the Eco-Trail, you will need good hiking shoes because the whole trail is covered in these volcanic rock boulders. The trail skirts the edges of the massive golf courses, and is bordered by strips of the original local forest. The resort is happy to provide a guide who will tell you all about the flora and fauna, and even call a golf cart to pick you up if you get too hot or tired from the hike.


The 1 kilometer circle trail takes about 45 minutes to complete. After finishing the trail, take a nice long soak in the hot springs. Try the Dead Sea Spring, the Vanilla Spring, Hot Sake Spring, or one of the hundreds of other hot springs infused with different healing herbs and scents! 


Hainan also has many great biking trails, which can be hiked. For information on these biking trails, please check our Biking Hainan section.

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