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未标题-1.png Local Culture Experience 3 Day Tour 


blob.png Betel Nut Valley Li & Miao Cultural Heritage Park – Yetian Ancient Village – Dongshan Ridge Cultural Tourism Zone

blob.png Day 1

For the first day, head to Betel Nut Valley to step into Hainan’s past. Betel Nut Valley is a living fossil of Hainan minority culture where Li culture has been completely preserved. There are a total of 20 national intangible cultural heritage sites located in Hainan Province, and Betel Nut Valley alone boasts 10 of them. Step into beautiful scenery, listen to the beautiful melodies of the Li people played on their handmade traditional instruments, and learn how to do the Bamboo Dance! 

blob.png Day 2

Travel to Yetian Ancient Village, where the Miao people live in the depths of a lush palm tree forest, in stilt houses nestled between the rivers and mountains. As you wander through the village, you will see Miao men and women utilizing skills passed down through countless generations crafting an assortment of hand-made silver jewelry, tie-dyes and embroidery, all stunning examples of Hainan craftsmanship!

blob.png Day 3

Journey to Dongshan Ridge to experience ancient Hainan culture. Buddhist Temples have been built here since the Tang and Song Dynasties, and the Huafeng Temple, Chaoyin Temple, and Dongling Temple in particular are worth seeing.Literati have been inscribing lines of poetry upon the boulders of Dongshan Ridge since the Jin Dynasty, and even if you don’t read Chinese, the beauty of the calligraphy is striking. Dongshan Ridge is well known for having tasty eats, and has been named the second of Hainan's four great cuisines. Dongshan goats and Hele crabs, together with the Ho'an mullet, Dongshan flat bread, and partridge tea, are hailed as the "five wonders of Dongshan." Here, you will be able to savor the unique flavors of the locally produced, fresh food.

blob.png Details:

 Betel Nut Valley Li & Miao Cultural Heritage Park   槟榔谷黎苗文化旅游区

Address: Ganzaling Natural Reserve, Baoting Li and Miao Autonomous County, Hainan Province   海南省保亭黎族自治县甘什岭自然保护区

Hours: 8:00 to 17:00 Daily

Six musical dance performances daily at 9:50, 10:50, 11:50, 14:00, 15:20, and 16:30

Rating: AAAAA

Entrance Tickets: 120 RMB / person

Zipline: 35 RMB/person


Tel: +86 898 38660189

Yetian Ancient Village  椰田古寨

Tickets: RMB 25 

Address: Yetian Ancient Village Scenic Zone, Yingzhou Village, Yingzhou Town, Lingshui Li Autonomous County, Hainan Province  


Tel: +86 898 83470995

Travel route: From Lingshui County, take bus headed towards Sanya, alight at the Yingzhou Highway Exit (洲高速路口), and walk 200m to the entrance.


Dongshan Ridge 东山岭

Admission: RMB 50

Address : Dongshanling Scenic Zone, Wancheng Town, Wanning City, Hainan Province   海南省万宁市万城镇东山岭景区

Tel: +86 898 62222269

Travel route: From Haikou to Dongshan Ridge, Wanning: Drive 184km along the East Line highway in the direction of Wancheng Town to reach Dongshan Ridge, which is 2km from Wancheng Town.

Public transportation: From Haikou Airport or the city center: Take the Haikou - Sanya East line high speed train to the Wanning Station

From Sanya: Take the Sanya – Haikou East line high speed train to the Wanning Station

Take Wanning Bus 8 to Dongshan Ridge from the Wanning High-speed Railway station.


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