Sanya, Baoting

未标题-1.png Route 1: Two Day Health Tour


blob.pngRoute: Nantian Hot Springs – Yuanzhen Island Health Retreat – Seven Fairy Mountain Hot Springs Resort

blob.png Day 1:Nantian Hot Springs  南田温泉度假区

To start off your relaxing, healthy vacation, head out to Sanya’s Nantian Hot Springs. The hot springs here are set in beautiful natural surroundings, with scenic mountain and water views. The average water temperature is 57℃, and the gardens incorporate elements from local Li and Miao minority culture as well as some of the elegant style of Bali Island. These natural hot springs contain many beneficial minerals, and you’ll be sure to begin feeling refreshed as soon as your toes enter the healing waters of the Nantian Hot Springs.

blob.png Day 2: Yuanzhen Island Health Retreat  缘真岛文化养生国际度假区

The fresh, clear air at Yuanzhen Island Health Retreat will invigorate you! The water on the island all comes from natural mineral springs, and the lake water is so fresh that it meets national level one water quality standards – clean enough to drink! This is the perfect spot for fishing, relaxing on the island shore, and falling asleep while you are getting a therapeutic, relaxing massage.

blob.png Day 3: Seven Fairy Mountain Hot Springs Resort  七仙岭温泉度假区

Adventure hikes, rock climbing, fishing, swimming, and the local minority culture all bring visitors to the Seven Fairy Mountain area, but the biggest reason people come? That would be the hot springs. After a long day of hiking to the peak of Seven Fairy Mountain, you will definitely want to schedule some down time soaking in the hot springs. Not only will your aching muscles be soothed, but your mental and emotional state will surely benefit as well.


Zhujiang Nantian Hot Springs  珠江南田温泉

Address: Nantian Hot Springs, Sanya City, Hainan  海棠区南田温泉

Phone: +86 898 88819888

Yuanzhen Island Health Retreat  缘真岛文化养生国际度假区

Address: Yuanzhen Island Health Retreat, Xiangshui Town, Baoting County, Hainan  保亭黎族自治县响水镇毛真湖缘真神玉文化园

Phone: +86 400 878 1188

Seven Fairy Mountain Hot Springs Retreat  七仙岭温泉度假区

Address: Seven Fairy Mountain Hot Springs National Forest Park, Baoting County, Hainan  海南省保亭黎族苗族自治县七仙岭温泉国家森林公园

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