Qionghai, Wanning

未标题-1.png Route 2: Two Day Hot Spring Tour


blob.pngRoute: Guantang Hot Springs – Xinglong Hot Springs

blob.pngDay One: Guantang Hot Springs  官塘温泉度假区

At the incomparable Guantang Hot Springs, the natural healing mineral content of the water is high, the temperature averages 70-90 degrees Celcius, and every day over 10 tons of fresh water gush from the springs. Steam swirls constantly from the surface of the water, creating a mysterious and peaceful beauty that soothes both body and spirit. 

blob.pngDay Two: Xinglong Hot Springs  兴隆温泉度假区

Enjoy a relaxing day at the Xinglong Hot Springs in Wanning, where you will find over 10 different springs. The average water temperature at the Xinglong Hot Springs is 60 degrees Celcius, and the beneficial mineral content is high. Pamper yourself with a trip to this relaxing hot spring resort, where you will find all your worries and cares slipping away in the rising steam.


Guantang Hot Springs  官塘温泉度假区

Address: At the foot of Baishiling Mountain, 8 km. from Qionghai City, Hainan 白石岭山脚下距市区八公里处

Phone: +86 898 83356666

Xinglong Hot Springs  兴隆温泉度假区

Address: Inside the Xinglong Overseas Chinese Farm, N. Wanning City, Hainan 万宁东郊的兴隆华侨农场境内

Phone: +86 898 88236065

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