Wenchang, Baoting 文昌, 保亭

未标题-1.png Route 1: Two Day Outdoor Adventure Tour


blob.png Bamen Greenways -- Seven Fairy Mountain

The wilderness of Hainan is full of exciting adventures for you to enjoy. Hike up waterfalls, go parasailing through the clouds, go whitewater rafting through the jungle, and challenge yourself to surpass your goals as you hike to the summit of every single mountain.

blob.png Day 1: Bamen Greenways   文昌八门湾绿

The Bamen Greenways, a network of biking and hiking trails, pass through four towns: Wencheng, Dongge, Wenjiao and Dongjiao. The greenways encompass a total of 45 km of paths, and another 9 km of side routes. The trails pass over mangrove forests on boardwalks, through small local villages, coconut groves, and along riverbanks. There are many convenient tourist stations set up along the paths to provide information, snacks, shelter, rest areas, and more. The Bamen Greenways are a great place for a nature hike or bike ride in a gorgeous natural setting.

blob.png Day 2: Seven Fairy Mountain, Baoting  保亭七仙岭

Seven Fairy Mountain, located in Baoting, offers a fairly, but not extremely, challenging hike. Hikers can take a tram to the trail entrance, and back down again. The trail is paved with steps, and there are occasional rest pointswhere beverages and snack are sometimes available.


The trail parallels a stream, and small waterfalls and pools can be seen and even waded in, providing a cool and refreshing diversion. The surroundings are full of life, from the lush rainforest, to the birds, insects, and small animals you will be able to spot as you climb. The last 200 meters to the peak is more difficult, involving a vertical climb which can be accomplished by pulling yourself up ladders and chains which have been secured to the rock face.


Even if you decline to climb this section, the rest of the hike is well worth the trip. After the climb, why not soak away any aches and pains in the many local hot springs?

Height: 1126 meters

Tickets to enter the Seven Fairy Mountain Park: 48 RMB/person


Bamen Greenways  文昌八门湾绿

Address: Qingling Rd., Hengshan Service Area, Wenchang City   文昌市庆龄路横山服务区

Seven Fairy Mountain, Baoting  保亭七仙岭

Address: Seven Fairy Mountain National Hot Springs Forest Park, Baoting County   保亭黎族苗族自治县七仙岭温泉国家森林公园

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