Changjiang, Ledong 昌江, 乐东

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blob.png Bawangling Nature Reserve – Jianfengling Nature Reserve 

blob.png Day 1: Bawangling Nature Reserve   霸王岭国家森林公园

The Yajia Waterfall is located on the Yajia Ridge, and is about 1,000 meters high. As roaring water falls down, visitors can almost feel the force of it against the rocks. When in full flow during the monsoons, 15,000 cubic meters of water fall down the cliff every second.The hike between Bawangling’s mountain pass and peak is mostly straight up and takes around two and a half hours. While it’s often humid, the park’s altitude and unique ecosystem result in an average temperature of 19.7°C. On a clear day, climbers who make it to the top of Bawangling are rewarded with a 360-degree view.

With over 250 species per square hectare, enthusiasts can easily lose track of time while exploring the multitude of ancient paths and secluded caves in the rainforests of Hainan. The area is also one of the best places to see rare birds and insects, including a kingdom of butterflies with over 400 different kinds of butterfly species alone. Trail walkers who pass through quietly can spot exotic birds, indigenous flowers and fruits, as well as small clouded leopards roaming the forest and indigenous black gibbons sprawling along the roads and flying through the treetops.


blob.png Day 2: Jianfengling Nature Reserve   尖峰岭国家森林公园

This vast rainforest preserve is crisscrossed by clear mountain streams tumbling over boulders that are just perfect for scrambling over. The trails in the park are for the most part natural paths, unlike the cement paths and thousands of artificial steps that hikers in many other Chinese parks must endure.


Visit Heaven Lake, hike up to the magnificent waterfalls, catch a glimpse of rare endangered forest life, climb the mountain peaks, or just spend some time relishing a chance to get away from the crowds and into a truly wild natural environment. While the hikes in this area are not terribly difficult, transportation to the area is somewhat inconvenient. It's best to arrange a private car. 

blob.png Details:

Bawangling National Nature Reserve   海南霸王岭国家级自然保护区

Address: Bawangling National Nature Reserve, Changjiang County, Hainan   海南省昌江黎族自治县霸王岭国家森林公园

Admission: RMB 30 per person

Hours: 8:00 – 17:30

Phone: +86 898 26883333

Jianfengling Nature Reserve   尖峰岭国家森林公园

Address: Jianfengling Nature Reserve, Ledong County, Hainan   海南省乐东黎族自治县尖峰岭国家森林公园

Admission: 40 RMB/person

Hours: 8:00 – 22:00

Phone: +86 898 85721668

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