2017 Qixianling Water Splashing Festival

2017 Qixianling Water Splashing Festival

Dates: Aug. 27        Location: Baoting


The 2017 Qixianling Water Splashing Festival will be held Aug. 27, that’s the seventh day of the seventh lunar month.


Held in Baoting, the Water Splashing Festival begins with a ceremony in the center of town, and then erupts into pandemonium as the entire town plus hundreds of tourists all vie to soak each other with water. With squirt guns, dippers, and buckets, everyone is armed and there is no one left unsoaked during this chaotic water fight that lasts all day. It's a good idea to keep your valuables in a water-proof bag and have a dry change of clothes ready! Bathing suits are great attire, but beware of wearing anything that could be ruined or become see-through when wet.


This year’s Water Splashing Festival will also host a Baoting Jog, and runners will get a scenic tour of the tropical rainforest scenery of the breathtakingly beautiful Baoting area. After the race, why not take advantage of the many local natural hot springs? Soak away the aches and pains in the steamy mineral rich water.


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by Nicki Johnson

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