Changjiang Mango Festival

Changjiang Mango Festival

Dates: May-June, 2017        Location: Changjiang


Hainan mangoes are huge and juicy, and they are ripe and ready to eat every year in early summer. To celebrate the luscious Hainan mango, the Changjiang Mango Festival is held every year from May to June.


Head out to Hainan’s West Coast, where you will find over 3,000 one hundred year old mango trees, still producing massive amounts of fruit! Hainan mangoes are big and super juicy, and some of them grow as large as a child’s head!


During the Mango Festival, in addition to heading out to the mango orchard to pick your own mangoes, you can also enjoy a visit to the mango product factory, where you will see first-hand how Hainan’s mangoes are used to produce mango juices, candy, cakes, and more!


While you are in Changjiang, why not visit some of the local attractions, such as the Bawangling Nature Reserve, the only home of the highly endangered Hainan Gibbon? Don’t forget to try the local cuisine as well, the seafood is not to be missed.

by Nicki Johnson

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