Mission Hills Summer Color Run

Mission Hills Summer Color Run

Dates: July 15        Location: Mission Hills, Haikou


It’s not summer without the color run, so come on out to Mission Hills for a 3.5 km. long race through the rainbow, with all kinds of extra adventure including a werewolf hunt, water gun fight, and dance party! The race begins at Mission Hills Movie Town and ends at Centreville, where there will be a rocking after party to celebrate your success, including some amazing prizes!


Tickets cost 120 RMB/person and include tickets to Movie Town, T-shirt, sunglasses, waterproof cell phone bag, color powder bags, and water pistol.


For registration information: +86 898 68683888 Ext. 63865‍ ‍/‍+86 13976922646

Or register online: http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/pdHt2_CCYqUIFupa6NiCIw


by Nicki Johnson

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