A Look Back at Hainan March Events: An Exciting Springtime

A Look Back at Hainan March Events: An Exciting Springtime

Dates: 2019        Location: Hainan



In sunny March, everything comes to life! As the warm sea breezes blow across the island of Hainan, green shoots unfurl and flowers bloom, and a unique, beautiful life is revealed.


You can’t miss the chance to visit Hainan during this beautiful time of year! There were tons of amazing activities in March, including sailing regattas, car races, marathons, photo exhibits, folk festivals, and many more thrilling events!



Stride into Spring: 2019 Haikou Marathon


What a great day to get out and enjoy the springtime weather! On May 3, 2019 the Haikou Marathon was held, and over 10,000 runners competed, setting off from the Meishe River Fengxiang Wetland Park, running along a beautiful scenic Haikou route, breathing in the fresh tropical Hainan air, and welcoming Spring in the best way possible. Next year, give it a try!



Seeking Blessings: Dragon Head Raising Festival



Since ancient times, the coastal residents of Hainan have relied on the sea for a living. These fishing peoples worship the Dragon King as the ruler of the seas, and according to folk tradition, the second day of the second lunar month is known as “Dragon Head Raising” Festival, a very important holiday for the coastal regions. This year, it fell on Mar. 8, and was greeted with a loud, joyful sacrificial ceremony with a dragon dance, drumming, and prayers for a successful fishing season.



Beautiful, Ecological City: Haikou “Coconut City Impressions” Light and Shadow Photography Exhibition



Light and shadows flicker along the sand as the palm tree leaves sway in the sea breeze, and bright sunlight glints from the ocean waves. These are the scenes of Spring in Hainan, captured forever with the click of the camera. On May 9th the “Coconut City Impressions” themed photography exhibition was held at Haikou’s Meishe River Fengxiang Wetland Park, showing the ever changing beauty and charm of this international wetland city through the interplay of shadow and light. Each image shows a different perspective on Hainan’s breathtaking wetlands, forests, coasts, and cultural landmarks.



Set Sail for the Sea: The Round Hainan Regatta



In pursuit of their dreams of reaching faraway destinations, these brave sailors ride the wind and the waves, covering incredible distances relying only on the power of nature and their own skill and endurance. In the balmy weather of springtime in Hainan, the 10th Round Hainan Regatta was held from Mar. 15-23, with stops in Haikou, Sanya, Wanning, Lingshui, and other Hainan ports, bringing hundreds of the world’s top sailors to compete between the bright blue skies and deep blue sea, speeding around the island of Hainan and capturing the attention of the whole world.



Fast & Furious: Formula E Championship, Sanya



The roar of the engines, the squeal of skidding tires, it’s March in Sanya! On Mar. 23, the flags dropped and the Formula E Championship was on. In the blink of an eye, the race cars sped down the track, swerving back and forth as they jockeyed for position, but in the end it was Jean-Éric Vergne of the DS Techeetah Formula E Team who pulled out the win. Formula E is a new type of car race, a zero emission, zero pollution, low-noise concept that is gaining the world’s attention and is a perfect fit for the ecological island of Hainan.



What an amazing month we had here in Hainan this March, but that’s not all! The traditional Li & Miao Minority Traditional Festival “Sanyuesan” will be held from April 6 - 9 in Lingshui and Wuzhishan, with over 20 different exciting activities! We will be waiting here in Hainan for you in April!



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