Hainan Water Activity Guide

Hainan Water Activity Guide

Dates: Summer        Location: Hainan


It’s summertime and the weather is hot! Don’t spend the whole summer holed up in a dark room watching a screen! There are plenty of ways to stay cool and get some exercise at the same time – Let’s get out on the water and have some fun!


Treat yourself to a cruise!


Disconnect from the world for a few days of luxury on a cruise ship, where you can relax by the pool, go dancing under the stars, and watch the endless blue sea roll on by. Hainan is the only Chinese province with two cruise home ports: Haikou and Sanya. World famous cruise lines including Carnival, Star Cruises, and Royal Caribbean all have stopovers here, with routes to Hong Kong, Vietnam, and more great destinations.




What to bring: Sun hat, sunglasses, light jacket, sandals, sneakers, swimsuit, camera, batteries, comfortable, breathable clothing, evening wear, seasickness medication

Luggage weight limit: 30 kg.  




Dive right in!


The quickest way to cool off is just to dive right into the ocean! Hainan is located in the tropics, and diving conditions are great here all year round. The crisp clean waters enable visibility of around 8-15 meters. Hainan island is surrounded by vibrant coral reefs, which play host to a huge variety of colorful tropical fish and other fascinating sea creatures, including dolphins, whales, sea turtles, eels, jellyfish, shellfish, and more. Take your pick of day or night dives, scuba diving or snorkeling, shore dives or reef dives, shallow water or deep sea dives… or take your time and try them all! Diving classes and equipment is all available here, so whether you are a complete beginner or a master diver, everything you could want is ready and waiting for you.




Recommended locations:


Yalong Bay, Sanya 三亚亚龙湾 

Location: Yalong Bay National Tourism Resort Area, Sanya 三亚市亚龙湾路亚龙湾国家旅游度假区

Phone: +86 898 88568899


Wuzhizhou Island 蜈支洲岛

Location: Wuzhizhou Island, Haitang Bay Town, Sanya 三亚市海棠湾镇蜈支洲岛

Phone: +86 898 88751258


Boundary Island 分界洲岛

Location: Boundary Island Tourism Resort Area (Round Island Highway Niuling Exit #5)  分界洲岛旅游度假区(环岛高速牛岭5号出口处)

Phone: +86 898 31817777




Surf the endless Hainan waves


Hainan is the surf capital of China, and several laid back surfer beaches are developing their own style of local surf culture, complete with beach hostels, surf clubs, and the best waves in the whole country. Take some surf lessons, meet the national Chinese surfing team, and have epic China surfing adventures here in Hainan.




Hainan’s long, endless breakers provide the perfect conditions for competitions, and every year several major international surfing competitions are held here. The best surf is found from Oct – Apr., and although the weather is cold up north, down here in Hainan it’s the perfect time to jump on your board and paddle out into the waves. Longboard, shortboard, kiteboarding, kitesurfing….the possibilities are endless!


Recommeded locations:


Riyue Bay (Sun and Moon Bay), Wanning 万宁日月湾

Location: Riyue Bay, Wanning City 万宁市兴隆旅游区南部加新、田新二管区之间


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Get a bird’s eye view of Hainan!


Get your camera ready for some truly epic photos. Aerial tours are a great way to explore the island, and see Hainan from a completely different perspective!

Haikou, Wenchang, Qionghai, Wanning, and Sanya all offer thrilling aerial tours. Climb aboard a helicopter, seaplane, or hot air balloon, and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime!


Recommended aerial tour companies:


Jubilee General Aviation Co.  亚龙通用航空公司  

Location: Meiyuan International Marina Plaza, Haikou 海口市美源国际游艇码头广场

Phone: +86 898 88391906


Meiya Aviation 美亚航空公司 

Location: Sanya Bay, Sanya 三亚市三亚湾

Phone: +86 898 31896999




Parasailing – raise your spirits up into the sky!


What could be more thrilling than flying into the sky behind a speedboat? What could be more exciting than floating beneath a parachute as you soar above the waves? Or if heights are not your thing, hop on a banana boat and go plunging into the waves with a few of your friends. Hold on tight, you are in for a ride!


Recommended locations:


Wuzhizhou Island 蜈支洲岛

Location: Wuzhizhou Island, Haitang Bay Town, Sanya 三亚市海棠湾镇蜈支洲岛

Phone: +86 898 88751258



West Island 西岛

Location: Sanya Bay, Sanya 三亚市三亚湾内

Phone: +86 898 88343808




Sea Fishing – Uncover the Treasures of the Deep!


Fishing in a small pond is just too boring. Kick it up a notch and head out into the ocean, where the real challenge lies. The shores of Hainan are a great place to start, with quite a few shoreline cliffs, sandy beaches, and river estuaries to choose from. Or head offshore to fish from the many small uninhabited offshore islands, over the teeming reefs, and find your own fishing paradise out among the waves.


Recommended locations:


Qizhou Archipelago 七洲列岛

Wenchang East Coast Sea Area 文昌市东部海域




Water jetpacks – the future is here!


The water jetpack is here to make you a superhero! Hop on and you’ll soon be looping through the sky on your own personal jet of water – flipping over and under the sea like a dolphin!


Recommended locations:


Wuzhizhou Island 蜈支洲岛

Location: Wuzhizhou Island, Haitang Bay Town, Sanya 三亚市海棠湾镇蜈支洲岛

Phone: +86 898 88751258



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