Rainforest Retreats

Rainforest Retreats

Dates: Summer        Location: Hainan

Here the vast trunks of the trees stretch far into the sky, appearing and reappearing in the cool rainforest mists. Thick vines drape each branch, and tropical flowers peek out from beneath dark green leaves. Rare plants and animals found only in Hainan make their home in these mysterious island rainforests. 


During the scorching Hainan summer, there is one place that remains cool and serene. The misty rainforest, with its thick jungle canopy ensures a comfortable temperature in the shady, green depths. Each giant rainforest tree supports a great variety of other life, from climbing vines and sheltered shrubbery, to tropical orchids and brightly colored songbirds. A huge number of butterflies flit through the rainforest, giving visitors the impression that they have wandered into the realm of some ancient epic fantasy or childhood fable.




In the tropical rainforest, it is always summer and never winter. Flowers bloom year round, and it’s never too cold or too hot, with yearly temperatures averaging around 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit). There are many spectacular sights to be found in the rainforests, such as the Fengguoshan Waterfalls and deep mysterious pools in Diuaoluoshan Rainforest Park, Heaven Lake in Jianfengling Rainforest Park, and the extremely rare Hainan Gibbon, only found in Bawangling Rainforest Park.

Each of Hainan’s rainforests are unique, offering visitors not only a cool summer retreat, but also thrilling outdoor adventures, a chance to enjoy nature, and a fascinating glimpse into Hainan’s wild island rainforest world.




Waterfall Pools of Diaoluoshan Rainforest


The Fenguoshan Waterfalls cascade down the rainforest cliffs in a thundering shower of fresh water. There are a total of 10 separate waterfalls here, with the largest plunging over 150 meters into a deep, clear pool. This spectacular sight offers a refreshing, cool spot to take a break from your rainforest hike.


The waters of Diaoluoshan Ting Springs are cold and clear. During the rainy season they swell and overflow with rushing waters, and during the dry season they are quiet and sedate. These freshwater springs are spectacular all year round, and worth a visit.



Location: BenhaoTown, Lingshui 陵水黎族自治县本号镇

Phone: +86 898 83421251


Bawangling Boardwalks


In Bawangling Rainforest Park, hikers can choose from 5 complete boardwalks, stretching a total distance of 7 kilometers through the jungle.




The “Lover’s Boardwalk” features breathtaking mountain, water, rainforest, and rock scenery, and overlooks the park’s largest and most spectacular waterfall, which plunges down over 150 meters.


The “King’s Boardwalk takes you through the heart of Bawangling, past mysterious pools, giant trees, and rocky outcroppings.


“Heaven Boardwalk” is the longest boardwalk, with the steepest climbs, offering the greatest challenge to hikers.


“Money Boardwalk” is lined on both sides by vine draped trees, that offer glimpses of spectacular scenic views in the distance.


 timg (1)_副本.jpg



Location: Wangxia Village, Changjiang 昌江黎族自治县王下乡

Phone: +86 898 26883333


Ancient Trees of Jianfengling

In Jianfengling National Forest Park, giant trees stretch their mighty branches to the sky, birds call loudly from the treetops, hanging vines twist through the air, and rare animals and plants can be found everywhere. The ancient trees support a kind of tropical “hanging gardens”, with orchids, bird and animal nests, and smaller plant life all depending on these mighty kings of the forest. There are 18 mountain peaks of over 1,000 meters in height inside the park, each with spectacular views and mountain scenery. The main peak is the source for a clear mountain stream, which flows down the slope with the cheerful sound of babbling water. Waterfalls, deep freshwater pools, and mountain streams are found throughout Jianfengling, bringing life to the rainforest.





Inside Jianfengling park, cool mountain mists drift along the peaks, giving the landscape a mysterious beauty. The higher you climb, the deeper the mist, and the thicker the forest. When the wind blows, the mists ripple in the breeze, and flow around the mountain peaks like mighty rivers through a rocky valley.

Hiking, camping, and birdwatching are all popular ways to enjoy the spectacular nature scenery here in Jianfengling, and there are even a few hotels located inside the park, where you can sleep on the shores of Heaven Lake or in a wooden cabin in the jungle.

Location: Jianfeng Town, Ledong 乐东黎族自治县尖峰镇

Phone: +86 898 85720343




1. Stay on main trails to avoid becoming lost in the vast rainforest parks. If you do become lost, use the GPS on your phone to find your way, or follow the streams down to civilization.


2. Don’t forget your bug spray! There are lots of biting insects in the rainforest, so long sleeves and pants are a good idea as well. Some soothing ointment to apply to bites will also come in handy.

3. Wear good hiking shoes and a hat. Bring band-aids in case of blisters or scrapes.


4.  You may encounter all kinds of wild animals and poisonous plants in the rainforest. Do not approach or feed wild animals, and avoid picking or coming in contact with plant life.


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