Hainan White Water Rafting Guide

Hainan White Water Rafting Guide

Dates: Summer        Location: Hainan


Get ready for a summer adventure in Hainan! Head for the central Hainan hills, where you can go white water rafting or kayaking on the rapids of the island’s mountain rivers. Navigate the swiftly flowing white waters as you ride the rapids down through deep ravines, under the rainforest canopy, and through the spectacular mountain scenery of central Hainan.




Wuzhishan Red Canyon White Water Rafting 五指山红峡谷漂流


Head into Hainan’s highest mountain area, Wuzhishan. Ride down the Wuzhishan Red Canyon on a thrilling white water course that will take you through the rainforest, over exciting rapids, and through breathtaking mountain scenery. This spring-fed river course features clear waters, red cliffs, and plenty of excitement!



Course length: 3.8 km.




Location: Wanquan River, West side of Jiaji Town, Qionghai City, Hainan 琼海市加积镇西侧万泉河


2-4 PM, Mon – Fri

1:30 – 4 PM, Sat – Sun


Tickets: 200 RMB / person




Wuzhishan Grand Canyon White Water Rafting 五指山大峡谷漂流

This deep canyon is bordered on both sides with imposing rock walls, and the frothing water gives rafters a thrilling ride. Over the six km long rafting course, the river drops 8 meters in elevation.


Location: 6 km exit, towards Shuiman Village, Nansheng Town, Wuzhishan City 五指山市南圣镇往水满乡6公里处

Hours: 10 AM – 4 PM Sat – Sun

Tickets: 198 RMB / person




Wanquan River White Water Rafting 万泉河漂流


The Wanquan River offers a thrilling ride for true adventure seekers. The narrowest point is only 8 meters wide, while the widest opens out to 100 meters across. Thrilling white water sections alternate with calmer stretches, but keep your guard up! Rafting this river requires your full attention! Spectacular rainforests, towering mountain peaks, and rocky river banks line the riverbanks. This 15 km. long course takes around 3 hours to complete.


Location: Wanquan River, West side of Jiaji Town, Qionghai City, Hainan


Hours: 8:30 AM – 6 PM





1. Wear plenty of sunscreen. The sunlight reflecting off the water is strong.

2. Wear a hat and sunglasses to protect from the sun. Tie them on securely so you won’t lose them in the rapids!

3. Wear rubber-soled, waterproof shoes that won’t come off easily.

4. Keep all electronics, money, and other water-sensitive items in a sealed plastic bag. Secure the bag to your body so that it won’t be lost easily.

5. Wear a life-vest at all times, and follow the instructions of your guide.




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