Qingbuliang – Refreshingly Cold Dessert Soup

Qingbuliang – Refreshingly Cold Dessert Soup

Dates: Summer        Location: Hainan


Qingbuliang, known in some parts of Asia as ching bo leung or sâm bổ lượng, is a chilled dessert soup, available in dessert shops or from street carts throughout Hainan. The qingbuliang here in Hainan is a bit different from what you’ll find elsewhere, with more fresh fruit and other ingredient options, all contributing to the cooling power of this dish. What ARE the ingredient options?


So many:


Fresh coconut pieces

Fresh pineapple pieces

Fresh watermelon pieces

Fresh coconut milk



Red dates


Mung beans

Grass jelly

Job’s tears (a kind of grain)



Longan fruit

Lotus seeds


Rice flour balls

Boiled quail’s egg


….and more.


If that sounds daunting, don’t worry! You can pick and choose the ingredients you want by pointing at them, and leave out anything that isn’t your cup of tea…um, cup of cold dessert soup that is! Each shop or food cart will offer their own array of ingredients, so be on the lookout for something you haven’t tried!



Coconut Milk Qingbuliang: the original recipe

Although there are now many ways to make this dessert, coconut milk qingbuliang is the traditional method. For the most authentic Hainan traditional qingbuliang, head to Qionghai, located on Hainan’s beautiful East Coast. Chilled coconut milk, made from blended coconut fruit and coconut water, gives this variety a bold tropical flavor.


Coconut Water Qingbuliang: light and invigorating


Coconut water is a popular beverage around the world, offering tons of health benefits and a light, refreshing sweetness. Coconut water qingbuliang is the right choice for an energy and hydration boost, and will leave you feeling fantastic!


Qingbuliang Shaved Ice: serious cooling power


This frozen qingbuliang treat might give you brain freeze, but it’s totally worth it. A healthy alternative to ice cream, Qingbuliang Shaved Ice will chill you right out.


Iced Qingbuliang: less coconut, more flavors


For those who want to avoid coconut altogether, this variant is made with ice water, lightly sweetened with sugar or syrup. This allows the rest of the ingredients to really shine!


The word “qingbuliang” means “cool and refreshing”and this traditional Hainan dessert certainly lives up to its name. Popular with everyone from toddlers to grannies, qingbuliang is a healthy, tasty, cool, irresistible Hainan dessert choice, perfect for the tropics. Paired with street barbeque or a late night treat, qingbuliang hits the spot every time. Get it while you can, after you leave Hainan you’ll wish you had more!




Recommended locations:

Pengji Qingbuliang 彭记清补凉

Recommended flavor: Coconut Water Qingbuliang

Location: Next to GOME Appliance City, S. Xinhua Rd., Haikou 海口市新华南路国美电器城旁


Wenchang Dengji Qingbuliang 文昌邓记清补凉

Recommended flavor: Coconut Milk Shaved Ice Qingbuliang

Location: Next to Longhua District Document Processing Center, across the street from Hainan TV Station, Nansha Rd., Haikou 海口市南沙路海南电视台对面,龙华区办证中心旁


Yeyutang Qingbuliang (Qilou Shop) 椰语堂清补凉(骑楼店)

Recommended flavor: Coconut Milk Qingbuliang

Location: #50-2, Qilou Walking Street, Zhongshan Rd., Haikou 海口市中山路50-2号骑楼步行一条街


Liangwang Relaxation Station

Recommended flavor: Coconut Milk Shaved Ice Qingbuliang

Location: E. Haide Rd. (Across from Government Square), 100 meters from N. Xinghai Rd., Jiaji Town, Qionghai 琼海市嘉积镇市政广场对面海德东路进100米(近兴海北路)


Old Hainan Qingbuliang 老海南清补凉

Recommended flavor: Coconut Milk Qingbuliang

Location: #2 Shangpinjie Ave., Hedong District, Sanya 三亚市河东区商品街大道2号



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