Song of the Rainforest

Song of the Rainforest

Dates: Summer        Location: Hainan


Here in Hainan, you can enjoy the wonders of nature while also enjoying some man-made wonders as well! Bird’s nest inspired wooden cabins, boardwalks through precious wetland and rainforest areas, colorful ancient temples, swaying rope bridges across mountain ravines, traditional straw thatched Li minority cottages, the 108 meter tall Guanyin on the Sea…




Luxury in the Rainforest


Hainan Tropical Rainforest Paradise Park is Hainan’s first coastal mountain ecology sightseeing vacation forest park. Thick jungle rainforest covers the boardwalk paths, traditional pavilions, and winding mountain roads inside the park. High above, fluffy white clouds drift through endless blue skies, while below the rainforest canopy a myriad of interconnected flowers, vines, hanging roots, and tree branches grow in colorful profusion. Little wooden cabins lie hidden in a sea of green, each one looking like it sprang from some ancient storybook or fable. Cool afternoon breezes float through the forest, carrying the sounds of birdsong and the scent of jungle flowers. Spend the night here for a fairytale honeymoon, or an unforgettable rainforest romance.




Hike the jungle trails, relax in the infinity pool, and challenge yourself to cross the long, narrow swaying rope bridge. Holding hands for dear life, you’ll find your way across together!


Location: Yalong Bay National Resort Area, Yalongwan Rd., Jiyang District, Sanya 三亚市吉阳区亚龙湾路亚龙湾国家旅游度假区

Phone: +86 898 38238888;+86 898 38278831




One, two, three, let’s go!

How do you say one, two, three in Hainanese? It’s ya, no, da, and it also means hello! Yanoda Tropical Rainforest Park is named for this friendly greeting, which you will hear repeated joyfully throughout your visit to this breathtaking natural paradise. Yanoda is bordered by the Wuzhishan and Seven Fairy mountains to the north, and from the viewing platforms inside the park, it’s possible to see panoramic views of Haitang Bay, Wuzhizhou Island, and Monkey Island.




This massive rainforest park will give you plenty to explore and experience , with plenty of jungle paths, peaks to climb, waterfalls to hike up, local minority culture to learn about, an incredibly long zipline, camping areas, a tropical fruit orchard, wild animals, and more. Yanoda!



Location: Near Sandao Gas Station, 224 National Highway, Baoting County, Sanya 海南省三亚市保亭县224国道三道加油站附近

Phone: +86 898 83883333,83881101




Step into a watercolor painting


The Chengmai Mangrove Wetland Park is home to the longest boardwalk in Hainan, stretching a total distance of 4.2 km, including one glass portion where you can look directly down into the mangrove forest beneath your feet. From the boardwalk, you will see lots of small, colorful crabs scurrying between the mangrove roots, where they shelter from predators, which include many rare local and migratory birds. Tired of walking? Take a relaxing boat tour of the mangroves, giving you an even closer look at this beautiful natural landscape. Afterwards, get yourself a local Hainan coffee in the park coffee shop, which offers panoramic water views on three sides. Make sure to leave time to try some of the many local Chengmai specialty snacks sold in the park, including wild duck eggs.




Location: Sanlin Exit, 573 Hainan West Highway 海南西线高速573公里三林出口

Phone: +86 898 32839997



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