A Taste of Heaven – Coconuts!

A Taste of Heaven – Coconuts!

Dates: Summer        Location: Haikou


Hainan’s sunny shores are lined with the waving fronds of palm trees, and coconuts abound here on this beautiful tropical island. Every part of the palm tree is treasured by the Hainanese, from the fronds which provide shade, to the coconut shells, used in arts and crafts, and of course not forgetting the fruit itself – which is made into endless numbers of coconut drinks, desserts, cookies, candies, soups, and more, as well as eaten fresh from the tree.


Coconut water, the pure, clear liquid found inside a ripe coconut, is not only refreshing, but is known around the world as a “superfood”,  an extremely healthy and hydrating drink, great for weight loss and full of life-giving electrolytes and important vitamins and minerals including potassium, calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium, vitamin C, and zinc. Drinking coconut water has been shown to lower blood pressure, improve skin, benefit the kidneys, and provide an overall immune system boost, keeping you happy and healthy.




Available on every street corner and fruit stand in Hainan, coconuts make an ideal refreshment on a hot summer day. Here in Hainan, coconut sellers will cut open a fresh coconut just for you, and hand it to you with a straw and a smile. Grab a hammock on the beach and enjoy!


Recommended locations:

Public parks, corner shops, fruit drink shops, newspaper stands, and fruit stalls all sell fresh coconuts. Prices vary according to the season and location, but average 10 RMB/coconut.


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