If Cotton Candy and Ice Cream had a baby -- Cotton Ice!

If Cotton Candy and Ice Cream had a baby -- Cotton Ice!

Dates: Summer        Location: Hainan


What would happen if cotton candy and ice cream got together and had a baby? Cotton ice! All the fluffy goodness of cotton candy, all the ice cold chill of ice cream in one perfect Hainan dessert. Served in many local juice and dessert shops, cotton ice is not only beautiful to look at, but also a great way to get through the summer heat!


Layers upon layers of this sweet treat fold over one another in your bowl, with a unique fluffy texture and icy cool crispness sure to leave you shivering with delight. And also with cold. Brr!

Cotton Ice is made with all fresh ingredients, and the best part is choosing which ripe tropical Hainan fruit to put in… Juicy mango? Tangy pineapple? Sweet lychee? How about a kiwi?


The color and flavor of your Cotton Ice will be different with each fruit you try, so bring a few friends and taste the whole rainbow together!




Don’t miss your chance to enjoy Cotton Ice here in Hainan, you won’t find it anywhere else!


Recommended locations:


Yang Xiao Xian 杨小贤

Location: Hainan University South Gate Snack Street, W. 3rd Street, Haidian Island, Haikou  海口市海甸三西路海大南门小吃街海口第一家清补凉西侧


Liangshuang Cold Drink Snack Shop 凉爽冷饮小吃店

Location: # 5 S. Aihai Rd, W. Aihua Rd., Qionghai 琼海市爱华西路爱海南路5号 


Pengpeng Bing 膨膨冰

Location: #76 Shangpin Ave., Sanya 三亚市商品大街76号



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