Instagram worthy and yummy in the tummy too --- Mango Rice Noodle Rolls!

Instagram worthy and yummy in the tummy too --- Mango Rice Noodle Rolls!

Dates: Summer        Location: Hainan


It seems like there are a million tropical fruits in Hainan to choose from, pineapple, guava, jackfruit, rambutan, durian, custard apple, lychee, longan, banana, papaya, huangpi, mangosteen, tangerine… the list is endless! There’s one that stands out from the crowd though, making mouths water at the very thought: Hainan mangoes!


Large and juicy, these tropical mangoes are melt in your mouth amazing. Here in Hainan, we have a special mango treat that not only looks fabulous, but tastes that way too: Mango Rice Noodle Rolls!


Light rice noodles are lovingly wrapped around cubes of juicy, tender, ripe mango, and then drizzled with fresh sweet mango juice. The resulting combination of colors, textures, and flavors is a match made in heaven. Or in Hainan, actually. Basically the same thing.


Cool and refreshing, this healthy Hainan dessert option won’t break the bank, will leave you feeling great and looking slim, and will make all your friends back home super jealous of your amazing Hainan foodie photos. What’s not to love?



I do want to warn you though – Mango Rice Noodle Rolls are an addictive substance. One bite is all it takes for the addiction to take hold, and before you even know it you’ll be looking down sadly at an empty plate and wondering if it’s acceptable to lick your dish in Hainan. Go right ahead, no judgment here! Only problem is, once you head back home, you might find yourself scouring all the dessert shops in town trying to find something to fill that empty mango rice noodle roll shaped hole in your belly…

There’s nothing you can do about it except dream of your next Hainan vacation!




Recommended shops:

Siwei Dessert Shop 思味甜品店

Location: #4 Tailong City Snack Street, Datong Rd., Haikou 海口市大同路4号泰龙城小吃街


Qionghai Yinhai Dessert Street 琼海银海甜品一条街

Location: 1st Zaliang Street, Yinhai District, Jiaji Town, Qionghai 琼海市嘉积镇银海小区杂粮一条街


Liangshuang (Sanya Shop) 凉爽(三亚分店)

Location: #155 Heping Rd., Tianya District, Sanya 三亚市河西区天涯区和平街155号



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