The ABC’s of Hainan

The ABC’s of Hainan

Dates: Year-Round        Location: Hainan

Discover a whole alphabet full of adventure from A to Z!

A is for Atlantis, with the mysterious Lost Chambers Aquarium

The ABCs of Hainan178.png

B is for Boundary Island, Boundless Blue waters and Bright skies too

The ABCs of Hainan251.png

C is for Coconuts, Cool and Calming on a hot summer day

The ABCs of Hainan311.png

D is for Dadonghai, Downtown and Delightful

The ABCs of Hainan359.png

E is for the End of the Earth, with Echoes of history Etched in the stones

The ABCs of Hainan438.png

F is for Freshly picked Fushan Coffee, Full of Flavor and Fragrance

The ABCs of Hainan510.png

G is for the Gibbons Gamboling in the Green, Green rainforest

The ABCs of Hainan576.png

H is for Haikou, Holiday Beach, and Happiness

The ABCs of Hainan626.png

I is for Innumerable, Incredible Islands

The ABCs of Hainan671.png

J is for Jackfruit, why oh why doesn’t gigantic start with J

The ABCs of Hainan738.png

K is for the Kids, covered in Kisses and Kindness

The ABCs of Hainan792.png

L is for the Li, who’ve Lived Locally for so Long

The ABCs of Hainan846.png

M is for the Marvelous, Multicolored Matching outfits of the Miao

The ABCs of Hainan916.png

is for Nanshan Temple, and the visitors seeking Nirvana

The ABCs of Hainan978.png

O is for the Orchids, Opening up in the great Outdoors 

The ABCs of Hainan1038.png

is for Parasailing, and Pictures of Paradise

The ABCs of Hainan1088.png

Q is for Qingbuliang, Quickly Quenching your thirst

The ABCs of Hainan1143.png

R is for Righteously Riding the Ripping waves at Riyue Bay

The ABCs of Hainan1206.png

is for Sanya, Sunshine and Sailing the South China Sea

The ABCs of Hainan1267.png

is for Traveling to the Traditional Town of Tanmen for Tasty Treats from the ocean Trawlers

The ABCs of Hainan1365.png

U is for Unforgettable times Underwater

The ABCs of Hainan1409.png

V is for Vacationing, Visa Free for so many Visitors!

The ABCs of Hainan1466.png

W is for Wonderful Wenchang, Warm and Welcoming

The ABCs of Hainan1518.png

X is for Xinglong, I am eXtra eXcited that Hainan has places that begin with X!

The ABCs of Hainan1602.png

Y is for Yanoda, where you’ll feel Young Year-Round

The ABCs of Hainan1658.png

Z is for Zooming on the Zipline, and the Zillions of other kinds of Zany fun in Hainan!

The ABCs of Hainan1750.png

Thanks for joining me on this journey through the Hainan alphabet! See you next time with more tropical island enjoyment!

by Nicki Johnson

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