Explore Hainan’s Beautiful Bays!

Explore Hainan’s Beautiful Bays!

Dates: 2019        Location: Hainan

In April, the bright summer sunshine begins to shine in Hainan, creating swaying palm tree shadows in the cool ocean spray, so let’s take a walk along the soft white sands of Hainan’s most beautiful beaches.


1. Yalong Bay Bay

Listen to the waves under the light of the moon and a sky filled with glittering stars


 Yalong Bay is a crescent moon shaped bay in Sanya. Featuring an 8 km. long beach of silvery white, fine-grained sand, a thickly forested treeline,and blue skies with puffy little white clouds, it’s one of Sanya’s hidden treasures. Here the water quality is high, making underwater visibility excellent and revealing the multicolored thriving tropical coral on the sea floor. Set up a tent and camp out with your friends and family, or put out a beach blanket and have a picnic, and watch the sky light up with all the colors of a tropical sunset. Sit at peace on the warm sand and listen to the gentle sound of the waves as the last rays of the sun bounce off the water and the stars come out, one by one, and savor the peace and quiet of this tranquil beach far from the hustle and bustle of city life. 


2. Haitang Bay

 Stroll Along the 19 km. Beach as the Sun Sets


Haitang Bay is located to the NE of Sanya, a quiet and delightful spot located well away from the noise of the city, full of charm and wonder. Beautiful scenery lines each of the 19 kilometers of coast, with winding rivers, green oases, and lush vegetation. As the sun sets, a golden glow washes over the sky and sea, giving the whole bay a dreamy, magical air. Take a stroll along the beach and watch as the sun slowly sinks below the waves, and the sea seems to catch fire. Dip your toes in the cool, clear water, and watch as all your worries wash away.


3. Chess Bay

Swim in an Untouched Tropical Beach


Chess Bay is located in west Changjiang,  on Hainan’s West Coast.  The beach isn’t yet very developed, and is covered in rocks of all shapes and sizes. Here, on the verdant slopes lining the beach, tropical flowers bloom in abundance. Due to the nearly flat seabed, the waves here are small and gentle, while the sand is fine-grained and white. Walk out 200 meters from the shore, and you’ll find that the warm waters have only reached chest level. This silvery stretch of sand and water is the perfect place for a leisurely swim, or perhaps a nap on the beach. Nearby Chess Bay, there is also a  reshwater river rich in minerals, giving the waters excellent health benefits. No matter whether you prefer immersing yourself in the healing mineral waters of the river, or floating in the salty seawater, Chess Bay is the perfect place to relax and unwind.


4. Shimei Bay

Hop on a Surfboard and Try Your Luck


Shimei Bay is located at the Xinglong exit on the Hainan East Ring Highway. This hidden cove is surrounded by hills on three sides, while one side faces the water, giving spectacular scenic views of the ocean from the beach, which is bookended by mountains at both ends. The vegetation here is lush and green, with large groves of palm trees, rubber trees, and many other tropical plants, flowers, and butterflies. Fluffy white clouds float through bright blue skies, mirrored below by the white foam floating on the deep blue waves of the sea, just like a scene from a painting come to life, complete with lakes and streams, large rocks and sea breezes. The Shimei Bay beach is about 7 kilometers long, and even 100 meters out from shore the water is still only around 3 meters deep. The tropical monsoons bring excellent waves to this beach, and the shallow water depth makes this a great place to learn to surf, so grab a board and hit the water!


5. Sanya Bay

A City Beach Lit Up at Night


After watching the sun set and the stars come out over so many beautiful beaches, now it’s time for something a little different! At the 22 kilometer long beach of Sanya Bay, the twinkling stars are accompanied by the neon lights of the nearby city. The long sandy beach is lined by palm trees, and the locals call it the “Palm Tree Gallery”. At night, the bright lights of man-made Phoenix Island pulse over the waters of Sanya Bay, and the bright spectacle of city lights reflecting on the waves creates a glittering vision of the city like you’ve never seen it before. Have a fresh-caught seafood dinner on the shore, and enjoy an unforgettable view of the sparkling Sanya cityscape.


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