Sanya Tourism Internationalization System

Sanya Tourism Internationalization System

Dates: May 4, 2017        Location: Sanya


Sanya is getting serious about being an international tourism destination! A new system is being put in place to measure how international Sanya is on seven major indexes, and the results will be used in planning future city improvement.


The new Sanya Internationalization System will also be handy for comparing Sanya with other popular tropical destinations, including Hawaii, Miami, Phuket, the Maldives, Bali, Cancun, and more.


Local businesses and investors will be able to make use of the data in decision-making, and all of this is sure to make visiting Sanya an even better experience for travelers from around the world!


Ok, let’s take a look at the seven indexes for the new system:


1. Price Competitiveness

- Average room rates of accommodations at similar establishments over the same period

- Average airfare of the same distance routes in the same period- Consumer Price Index

- Entrance fees at major tourist attractions

2. Transport Competitiveness

- Number of international flights

- Number of international cruise ship arrivals

3.Public Service Competitiveness- Convenience in foreign currency exchange- Convenience in visa application- Availability of international languages- Convenience of public transportation- Public Wi-Fi coverage

4. Tourism Attractiveness

- Coastline length

- Public Beaches

- World heritage sites

- Museums

- Cultural Halls

- International MICE, cultural, and sporting events

- International tourist arrivals

- Local cultural influence

- GDP per capita

- Service industry ratio as a part of GDP 

5. Destination marketing competitiveness

- Destination marketing branch offices set-up in overseas markets

- Professional destination marketing organizations

6. International reputation as a tourist destination 

7. Tourist satisfaction 

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by Nicki Johnson

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