Hainan Named One of National Geographic 20 Best Surf Towns

Hainan Named One of National Geographic 20 Best Surf Towns

Dates: July, 2017        Location: Hainan


Although Hainan is more of a large Chinese island province in the South China Sea than a “Town”, it’s still a great honor to be named as one of National Geographic’s 20 Best Surf Towns. With consistent waves and a young but vibrant surf culture, Hainan has become the surf capital of China. 


Every year, major international surfing competitions are held in this tropical surfing destination, mainly in one of the top surfing beaches: Riyue Bay, Wanning. The best surf happens every winter from Nov – April. 


To see the whole list and find out what surfing tips the National Geographic mentions for Hainan, check out their list of the World’s 20 Best Surfing Towns: http://www.nationalgeographic.com/adventure/lists/surfing/best-surf-towns-photos/

by Nicki Johnson

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