Sanya is the Greenest, Healthiest City in China

Sanya is the Greenest, Healthiest City in China

Dates: Nov., 2017        Location: Sanya


Sanya, located at the southern end of tropical Hainan Island, regularly tops the list of China’s cities for green and healthy living, and 2017 is no exception. According to the 2017 China Eco-cities Construction and Development Report, just released the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), Sanya is one of the best Chinese cities for both tourists and residents. The Report ranks 268 Chinese cities on 19 indexes, such as ecological environment, air quality, living environment, urban construction, and social environment. Let’s take a look at the results.


China’s Top 10 Healthy and Livable Cities:

1. Sanya

2. Zhoushan

3. Zhuhai

4. Xiamen

5. Beijing

6. Tianjin

7. Lhasa

8. Nanning

9. Hefei

10. Huizhou

China’s Top 10 Green Living Cities:

1. Sanya

2. Xiamen

3. Tianjin

4. Fuzhou

5. Guangzhou

6. Nanning

7. Xining

8. Zhoushan

9. Qingdao

10. Shenzhen 


China’s Top 10 Eco-Friendly Cities

1. Zhoushan

2. Zhuhai

3. Huangshan

4. Xiamen

5. Sanya

6. Fuzhou

7. Tianjin

8. Zhanjiang

9. Shantou

10. Guiyang


China’s Top 10 Green Production Cities

1. huhai

2. Xiamen

3. Sanya

4. Zhoushan

5. Tianjin

6. Shenzhen

7. Guangzhou

8. Guiyang

9. Shantou

10. Zhenjiang




China’s Top 10 Comprehensive Innovation Cities

1. Beijing

2. Shanghai

3. Shenzhen

4. Tianjin

5. Suzhou

6. Guangzhou

7. Hangzhou

8. Wuhan

9. Xiamen

10. Xi’an


Ok so Sanya didn’t quite make it on that last list, but it’s good to have goals. Next year, Sanya plans to keep on being super green and super healthy, and is definitely going to work on improving innovation! Comprehensively! Come on down and check it out.




by Nicki Johnson

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