The End of the Earth (Tianya Haijiao) 天涯海角


The End of the Earth (Tianya Haijiao), also called The Edge of the Sky and The End of the Sea, means the remotest corner of the earth, and is undoubtedly one of Sanya's most famous local attractions. The End of the Earth is famous only for the spectacular beaches and expansive ocean view, but also for a rich history, and its name brings profound poetic allusions. In the past, the phrase suggested an unattainable place. From the Song to Qing Dynasties, officials out-of-favor with the emperor were banished here due to the remoteness of the area from Beijing.


Located about 20 km west of Sanya City, the cape is a beautiful nature park, with white sands, deep blue seas, bright skies, and giant tumbled rock shapes. Rising over the beach is an ancient rock formation inscribed with Chinese characters meaning "The Edge of the Sky" written by Chengzhe, the chief magistrate of Yazhou Prefecture in the Qing Dynasty. Another inscription nearby reads "The End of the Sea".




There is a romantic Romeo and Juliet story about these two stones. In ancient times, two young lovers eloped when their parents disapproved of their marriage. Unfortunately, when they arrived in Hainan, agents sent by their parents, were also there. Facing the sea, they had no escape. They were so sad that they just held each other as they jumped into the sea. Suddenly, there was a thunderstorm. They were hit by lightning and changed into two stones, while the agents turned into many smaller surrounding stones. Now people regard these two stones as symbols of eternal and faithful love. Because of this beautiful and romantic story many young lovers choose this place to shoot beautiful wedding photos.



Besides the stones, modern facilities can be found at the End of the Earth, including a Shopping Center, the Li Ethnic Group Village and a Celebrity Sculpture. An International Wedding Festival is celebrated here every year. Around Mid Autumn Festival, there is a Lantern exhibition, which adds to the special atmosphere.


The End of the Earth, whose iconic rocky shore was featured on the now rarely seen Two Yuan bill, is one of the most popular places in Sanya for tourists to take photos.


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